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    "Do they know it's Christmas"??? Yes, in Singapore you cannot avoid noticing. Most Shopping malls have been decorated for several weeks already.
    Orchard Road light-up was officially inaugurated last Saturday, but I haven't taken any pictures yet. (No rush, the lights will be on until after New Year)
    Thereafter it is time for Chinatown to be decorated for Chinese New Year.

    Even the River Cruisers have been decorated, or should I say over-decorated??
    Here is an example:

    This one hasn't got any extra light, but something akin to "Sugar-sticks" hung on the sides:

    My attempt at panning night shots, but I'm no competition to Bengt.


      I think this Lotus Pond in Kampong Java Park has been featured here before, but it doesn't harm to show the development:

      It is now nearly "wall to wall" carpet of lotus leaves, with a little open water for the tortoises to come up and breath:

      Plants of a different kind.This is hanging plants on the School of the Arts (SOTA) building in Singapore:

      This building has won prices for it's design:


        Speaking of buildings, here is a building complex under development in the suburbs of Singapore:

        The Shopping podium has started business, while the residential blocks above is still under construction:

        This is an area (Hillview Avenue) with a lot of condominiums but, until now, no shops or other facilities around.


          Singapore River at night:

          Reed Bridge has been decorated for the festive season:

          Who says that X-mas "trees" have to be green?? This is Singapore and we have decided that they can be any colour we like.
          Why not read??:


            We may as well "plant" some along the river banks too:

            What is that dull looking boat doing on the river??:

            Let's add some lights to the boats, that'll liven up the scene:

            The more the merrier:


              i'm a truckdriver,and those kind of people love lights,
              so i want to encourage you, to try more of those nightshots Ombugge.
              it's never cold in that part of the world,so go out and explore.
              best regards Thijs


                I finally managed to get a picture of one of the decorated River Cruisers when not moving:

                And in daylight:

                Reed Bridge is crowded:


                  The new "symbol" of Singapore?:

                  Certainly among the most photographed buildings here.

                  This one is not in the same league:

                  But Fullerton Hotel is coming close:


                    Auspicious day at the Kuan Im Temple in Waterloo Street attracts large crowds and street traders:


                      On the first Saturday of every month a part of Orchard Road is made into a walking street from 1800 to 2300 hrs., with various performers and buskers etc. entertaining the crowd.
                      This last Saturday attracted a very big crowd because Orchard Road is also decorated for X-mas, all the way from Tanglin Mall to the Istana Park, a stretch of some 2.88 Km.
                      The Shopping Centers and Hotels along that stretch is also putting on their own display, internally and externally. There is competition for the best decorations every year.
                      This year the theme is "diversity", to emphasizes Singapore's multi-racial and multi-cultural society. It is also to mark the beginning of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Singapore's independence, which is next year.

                      We start our walk from Centre Point:

                      Across the road they cover all bases, with decorations that is suitable for everything from Haloween to Valentine's day the events between:

                      At Centre Point they are celebration the opening of their new anchor tenant, Metro Department Store as well:

                      Flowers will do it:


                        In my young and tender days Robinsons used to be one of the few places decoration for X-mas, (when still at their original place at Raffles Place, which burnt down in 1972)
                        together with John-Little across on the other side of Raffles Place, Goldstorage and Fitzpatrick Supermarkets in Orchard Road. All British owned at that time.
                        Robinsons at Raffles Place:

                        John Little at Raffles Place:

                        (With Black sign out front)

                        Here is Robinsons at the Heeren this year:

                        John Little is also still in Singapore. Now part of Robinsons Group, which is owned by an UAE conglomerate.


                          Coldstorage is now spread all over the island, as well as in other parts of Asia and the Middle East.Their "main" store in Singapore is still in the same location:

                          Now in the basement of Centre Point and owned by a Dairy Farm International, part of the Jardine Matheson Group.

                          Here is some of the elaborate decorations on the pavement outside Centre Point:

                          Looking at Centre Point from across the road, where the entire facade towards Orchard Road is covered with lights:


                            The only Chinese owned business that celebrated X-mas was C.K.Tang. The Owner was a staunched Christian and did not open his store on Sundays.(Soon after his death that changed)

                            Here is the original C.K.Tang building at the corner of Orchard Road and Scotts Road:

                            (Sorry, no X-mas decorations at this picture)

                            Here is the new Tang's Still at the same location and decorated to the tens, this year as every year:


                              Traffic was still flowing in the lower is part of Orchard Road:

                              Mandarin Gallery and ​Meritus Mandarin Hotel also has taken a "recyclable" approach:

                              This will do good for CNY, with a few minor changes.


                                I stepped outside the barrier to get this view back down Orchard Road :

                                ​Made it, just in time before a Security guard ushered me back in the fold.

                                The barricade was set up across Orchard Road on the other side of the junction of Bideford Road:

                                That's where the mode and the colours changed: