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this is Woudrichem,the Netherlands

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    Originally posted by wherrygirl View Post
    there were some of the latter at Dordrecht.
    which was this weekend also

    Originally posted by wherrygirl View Post
    I remember a blacksmith being there when you took me, but I can't recall whether he was making anything at that moment.

    yes they did,but also some tiny things

    Originally posted by wherrygirl View Post
    The other choir wasn't there that day, though, at least I don't think so.

    no, they warn't there that day

    Originally posted by wherrygirl View Post
    Did they have a demonstration of fishing with the mother-boat and the zalmschauwen, as they did when we were there?

    no ,that was with the fishingdays, which is i believe every 2 years, the festival weekend is every year

    Originally posted by wherrygirl View Post
    Somewhere in this thread you once showed some photos of the fair at night, with all the brilliant lights - I had a quick look the other day but it needs time to find them!

    don't bother , i found that for you,that was this thread
    but that was not in Woerkum

    Originally posted by wherrygirl View Post
    You have presented a lovely kaleidoscope of the Woudrichem festival, Thijs, thank you very, very much. There is so much detail, making it come alive. And there are other pics., too. I love those at #537, particularly the second one - just a perfect scene with the white flowers along the bank echoing the clouds, then the old city hall, views of and from the mill - and that was interesting to see the photo of the original one. Even more, it was fascinating to see the older picures of Woudrichem before the historic port was made and also during the floods. And the pics. of your Janihudi - great!
    Thanks again!
    you're welcome

    best regards Thijs


    • wherrygirl
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      Just had a quick look. Yes, that's the one. So it was your home town fair - ir was fun.

    Thanks for sharing all these wonderful images.... such a wonderful place. So different from Norway and I really hope some day to visit Woudrichem.

    You can see there is so much history in the place, and the connection to the water makes it even better for me.
    With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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      I will show it to you. But what do we with the other 8 hours that day?