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This is Huangpo, China

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    This is Huangpo, China

    While in Shenzhen we made a visit to what was termed "a village" a bit up the Pearl River delta. It showed up to be Huangpo, formerly known as Whampoa, population abt. 1.2 Mill. (There is a difference in the interpretation of "village")

    One of the original treaty ports on the China coast and still a major port for seagoing ships. Unfortunately our time there was spent most eating. No time to explore the old Whampoa Pagoda, or look for the old Harbourmaster's Office building, which I visited in 1972, when working in Hong Kong.

    To put the place in perspective, it was as close as the deep draft Tea Clippers and Opium Traders could get to the actual trading place, Canton. (Now Guangshou) Transhipment by junks was done from Whampoa Anchorage to/from Cantoon.

    Here is an old map of Pearl River Delta I found on the net:

    A painting of Whampoa Anchorage, as seen from Danes Island:

    The famous Whampoa Pagoda:

    And a picture of Whampoa today, with the Pagoda still visible:

    Picture is taken from Danes Island by Karsten Petersen:
    Modern day Guangshou in the background. Now a city of abt. 10 Mill. people and capital of Guangdong, the richest province of China.
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    Now to our visit which, as said, was mainly an eating feast with local friends and family, but that is for another thread.

    The visibility was rather limited, as usual in the Pearl River delta:

    Housing around our hotel was a mix of old communist era "square boxes" and some more modern condo style dwellings:


      Some leafy streets:

      And some VERY narrow alleyways:

      And back streets:


        But there are also modern wide boulevards:

        And a Round-about that nobody appeared to notice:


          A improvised Street Market:

          And some traditional trade going on:

          A new pond still under construction:

          And a Drainage Canal in need of some clean-up:


            As the sun set over Whampoa:

            We were off to have an interesting meal in a restaurant built on stilts over a pond:

            But that is a different story to be presented in the "Food of the world thread"


              Very interesting look at China.

              When I see picture reports such as these it makes me realize that I know far too little about this great country.
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