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Roadtrip to Nordkapp in 2018

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    Day 20, Sunday 01.07.2018

    What a surprise when we woke up at the next morning. We had a real outside cabin today!

    Foto 01.07.18, 07 51 06 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

    The crew did a lot of paintwork and today the wall around our cabin was on schedule, so they moved the liferaft away and we had free sight.

    Foto 01.07.18, 08 54 13 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

    And then we had a second breakfast with the (for us) most famous inhabitant of Trondheim!!

    Foto 01.07.18, 09 13 12 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

    Today he was off duty, so we could be lazy and had not to hurry out to Flakk to meet him on his ferry. The Captain came aboard and we had a nice hour together. And again. It felt as we had five minutes. So much to talk! Thank you for visiting us!! And look, how well trained you are. Really sporty.

    Foto 01.07.18, 09 53 50 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

    And of course a captain may park the Jag directly in front of the gangway!

    Foto 01.07.18, 09 55 35 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr
    Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


    • yvneac
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      I'm addict to your report Regine and Ralf. And want more!!!!

    Soon after we said "good-bye" to Jan-Olav, we passed his working place. Well what shall i say, the ferries were working even without him. Sorry for the poor quality, we were passing in a quite long distance.

    IMG_1264 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

    Real summer, as we left the Trondheimsfjord. And another day for sunbathing and relaxing from our long trip. Pure luxury to take this way Southbound after about 6.000 km on the road.

    Foto 01.07.18, 12 52 49 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

    In the afternoon we arrived in Kristiansund. They were advertising the Tahitifestivalen on their Hollywood hill. Unfortunately Sterkoder was this day with his daughter in Trondheim to help her moving in her new appartment. But he was sending some SMS messages right in time to say hello, when we arrived there.

    IMG_1345 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

    During our last visit, when we stayed for three days in K'sund, we had visited the workshop of the schooner "Ideal", which is now ready for sailing. What a beauty. We had to walk over and admire her!

    Foto 01.07.18, 16 46 26 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

    Foto 01.07.18, 16 39 46 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

    Soon it was time for departure again. For us unusual we surrounded Innlandet and crossed not Sørsundbrua. One balcony was flagged at the new appertments at Nergata and some waving was done between the crew and some inhabitants. A little private entertainment.

    Foto 01.07.18, 17 08 45 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

    Finally we saw MS Hagbart Waage returning from her trip to the Island of Grip. Next time we go there together, Svein!

    Foto 01.07.18, 17 17 26 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr
    Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


    • Sterkoder
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      It's been a long time since I visited Grip now, and never have with a former SAR-vessel, so yes, going there together could be something :-)

    In Molde we went downtown to get ourselves some take-away food for dinner. If you are travelling as port-to-port passenger, getting food aboard is expensive, but the daily offer we can recommend. But Molde has the right time for getting dinner off the ship. As we left i tried a mirror picture with the Northbound Hurtigrute and the Rica Seilet hotel.

    IMG_1358 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

    Today we decided to try the sauna, of course combined with another hot-tub visit. Unfortunately there are two... ladies and gentlemen are divided. So that was rather boring, no other guests and no view through the windows. A clear advantage in Midnatsol and Trollfjord! Did you read that, Cecilia??

    Foto 01.07.18, 17 33 25 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

    On such sunny days without wind, the open bow area is just marvellous and a good place to be! Sunset before we arrived in Ålesund.

    IMG_1365 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

    Nice light conditions. The city was sleeping already. Just one pub near the quai was still open with two or three lonely guests. All the other places were abandoned. Typical for a sunday evening.

    IMG_1374 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

    We had a much longer stay as usual, because a lot of pallets with fish were unloaded and directly filled in two trucks.

    IMG_1387 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

    For me this is always fascinating, the combination of passenger and cargo ship. So you will never experience two identical trips.

    IMG_1390 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr
    Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


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      Agree with food - the 'dagens' is one of the highlights of our annual trip north - especially 'dagens fisk' usually really good. Does slightly depend on who's on shift in our experience though, and it can change a lot (not necessarily a bad thing) when crews change.

    Day 21, Monday 02.07.2018

    After such a wonderful night mood in Ålesund we prefered to sleep instead getting up early for Maløy or Florø. As more as we visited these two owns by car during our last Norway trip. So we had a late breakfast and enjoyed then the wonderful weather. A lot of wind today and the anniversary flags were fluttering.

    IMG_1404 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

    You have to leave your cabin on the last day, so it is the classic day for all to stand outside and watch the scenery. And this is getting more and more lively as nearer we come to Bergen.

    IMG_1420 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

    And there we are.

    IMG_1427 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

    While the passengers leave the ship over the gangway on Deck 5 or 6 to the terminal and get their luggage there, the car drivers go with their own luggage directly to the cars on deck 2. So Regine and me had two different ways to leave the ship.

    IMG_1435 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

    And the unloading of the cars takes a while, since they are playing Tetris with cars and cargo during the trip.

    IMG_1437 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

    The car elevator can take only one car, so the disembarkment time per car is about 3-4 minutes.

    IMG_1438 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

    So Regine saw for one hour more or less this picture, since we were one of the few cars, which made all the way down from the Lofoten Islands. So i was one of the last, who left the ship.

    Foto 02.07.18, 14 48 48 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

    Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


      Bergen is well known to us, so we had chosen a campside in the West near the shore. Rush hour aleady had begun as we started. So it took quite a while to get there. Before spending three days aboard we emptied our fridge and that had to be shopped again now, which we did underway. But then we explored this wonderful campsite.

      Foto 02.07.18, 18 07 32 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

      Nice view to the west.

      Foto 02.07.18, 21 52 55 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

      For days with bad weather they are offering a cozy cottage, even with WiFi!!

      IMG_1440 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

      We had a great view to the sea from our pitch and this are the light conditions around midnight.

      Foto 02.07.18, 23 44 01 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

      Day 22, Tuesday 03.07.2018

      We had never been on Ulriken yet, and since the weather was such great, we decided to get up early to be up there with one of the first upgoing cars.
      The sun would be the in the east and the sight should be perfect, at least much better as in the afternoon.
      And the weather was perfect in the morning.

      IMG_1443 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

      So we had breakfast and left this nice place.

      Foto 03.07.18, 08 49 00 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

      If you ever are looking for a nice place near Bergen:

      Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


        Traffic was much better than yesterday and so we were right in time at the lower station of the Ulriken cablecar. By the way the bill for using the highway in Bergen just arrived a couple of days ago: € 3,17.
        Of course the cable car ticket is more expensive.

        Foto 03.07.18, 09 51 39 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

        And then we were up and i will not comment the following pictures, they speak for themselves.

        Foto 03.07.18, 10 09 59 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

        Foto 03.07.18, 10 10 17 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

        Foto 03.07.18, 10 10 43 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

        Foto 03.07.18, 10 22 33 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

        Foto 03.07.18, 10 34 34 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

        Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


          On my "what-to-do-list" when in Bergen, I have a visit to Ulriken. Only go to Fløyen when I'm there, don't know why.

          Anyway, it's such a great report you post for us here you two..., and I must say I love your images from Lofoten. They remind me of good times with my family during summer holiday there.
          We made Svolvær and Thon Hotel our base, and drove out on day trips for a week during two summers.
          What a place Nusfjord is, and Henningsvær..., and Unstad beach and..., I could go on.

          When I read your comment about me not being in Kristiansund when you arrived on board Finnmarken, I thought back on that week-end, me being in Trondheim, mounting furniture from IKEA and all.
          What a week-end! But happy memories :-)

          This last picture here, with you, a cup of coffee (?) and Berge, wow, how peaceful and relaxing it looks.


            From Ulriken we could see how the cruise ships came into the harbour. For this day Costa Favolosa, Crystal Serenity, Queen Elizabeth, Oceania Nautica and Pullmanntur Zenith would spend a visit. And indeed, the first cabins filled with Cunard passengers arrived and the scenery became clearly American. Off we go!

            We drove down in the city and programmed the satnav on a route without toll roads. And really, it lead us over tiny roads along the Fløibanen route and we came down to the harbour in the back of the famous Bryggen quarter. And then we noticed the queue to the Fløibanen:

            Foto 03.07.18, 11 25 55 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

            And that was not all....

            Foto 03.07.18, 11 26 00 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

            At the harbour quai, at the market, in front of Bryggen, everywhere the same. Thousands of people flooded all places! Cruiseship overkill. So we skipped the planned walk to the city and queued ourselves for the Fjordline ferry to Denmark. Which is leaving directly at the Hurtigruten terminal (and one hour BEFORE the southbound Hurtigruten is arriving in Bergen... We did not want to spoil the feeling of this magic morning up at Ulriken.

            IMG_1456 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

            And then we said one more time "Good bye, Norway". Okay, we would follow the coast for a while to Stavanger, but the real feeling is here...

            Foto 03.07.18, 13 38 44 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

            I booked very early, still in 2017 and the additional price they called for a mini suite, was low. So we had an exclusive sight back from our cabin.

            IMG_1459 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

            Just the position of the bulls eye was a bit uncomfortable. But Regine found a method.

            IMG_1472 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr
            Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


              Later we explored the ship and i noticed two funny things. First theyoffer trucker single cabins with special design:

              IMG_1469 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

              Unfortunately for Thijs they offer ,ostly Scania and Volvo Cabins. I did not find Actrosses or Dafs! You have to discuss that with the shipping company!!

              And second they have an own store for meat. Large amounts of meat. Big packs of meat! Are there such high taxes on meat in Norway and Sweden or why is it on the ship so much cheaper?

              IMG_1465 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

              Day 23, Wednesday 04.07.2018

              When we were about to leave the ferry in the next morning, i noticed again that the height of the car is always a topic on a car deck. If you have a campervan like ours, the can read the height in the papers and allow you to go aboard or not. But all the cars and SUV's with roof boxes or trailers...

              IMG_1475 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

              See what i mean?

              IMG_1474 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

              Then we hit the road again to cross Denmark with it's less traffic as quick as possible. We wanted to pass Hamburg before the rush-hour which begins in the earlier afternoon. From Hamburg we had about 3 hours to a cousin of mine and in the early evening the girls could play with the horses!!

              IMG_1476 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

              Day 24, Thursday 05.07.2018

              After me destroying my side mirror at my cousins driveway, we showed up first at the local VW shop, but they had no spare part. So we fixed it with tape and drove the last 500 km without further problems.

              We enjoyed it really! It was a great trip.
              Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                Just read the finished report as morning lecture before heading of to explore New Zealand and really enjoyed it
                I’m hoping for a bit better weather but a journey as nice as yours was!!


                • Ralf__
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                  Have a good time and safe travel. And we hope for the first kiwi report here later on. Actially we wanted to be back at day 24 to take part at your graduation party the next day. You finished the gymnasium successfully as long as we were on travel! Good job.
                  Last edited by Ralf__; December 8th, 2018, 03:16.

                Already finished? What will I do during my Week-end???? Thank you for your pics. and your comments. It was a real pleasure to travel with you during your trip.


                • Ralf__
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                  Pauline asked me to finish the trip report before she is starting her travel weeks in New Zealand and will be far away from WiFi zones. So sorry, Yves, to keep you not longer entertained. But i will start a new thread about the art of Dagfinn Bakke at Finnmarken soon.

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                  OK. I'll be at my screen.