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Roadtrip to Nordkapp in 2018

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    Now we wanted to head north west, because there the forecast promised some blue holes in the clouds. But first we had to cross the bridge over the Gimsøystraumen, which was in the news since a couple of days. Would it be possible to cross her? We decided to have lunch first and have a look. Photographers seemed to wait already for some sensation.

    IMG_2746 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

    The "flying troops" of Lofotposten were in first row, when we arrived, but pulled then back. Apparently now it was getting calmer.

    IMG_2747 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

    So we decided to head on and crossed the bridge. The wind was changing between 20 and 26 m/s (72 - 94 km/h). Enough for a caravan, no problem for our bus.

    IMG_2751 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

    And so we reached our campsite for this day. it was offering also horserides, but there were just beginners ridig walk pace, so Regine was not interested. The facilities of the campsite were bad, so they earn no link here. But a very nice view.

    IMG_2773 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

    So we had some calm hours until the rain started again in the nightly times.

    IMG_2789 (Bearbeitet) by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr
    Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


      Day 16, Wednesday 27.06.2018

      Weather prediction for today was again bad for all regions, so we tried again a shopping tour in Leknes (Lofotsenteret). Result? The same as in Svolvaer. Do they have another museum left? Yes, of course they do. And so we spent a visit at the Lofotr Vikingmuseum in Borg. Central attraction is the long house.

      IMG_2853 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

      Inside there are some actions, which are mostly timed for bus groups. But there is no problem to step by as individual tourist. A long house is like a village under one roof.

      IMG_2806 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

      They were showing handicrafts, playing music and cooking. Don't expect too much of the cooking. It is just regular food. But with very ambicious prices. A portion of this vegetable soup with a little tiny bit of lamb meat in it should cost 160 NOK.

      IMG_2813 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

      Again we had luck with the weather and the rain stopped just as we finished our walk through the long house. And so we had a quite long walk outside, because the different stations of the museum are in quite some distance. The complete walk around is about 4 kilometers long. And you can find a blacksmith's workshop.

      IMG_2825 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

      And also a boat, where you can have a tiny sailing trip.

      IMG_2838 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

      They have a very attractive website with wonderful pictures and video clips. So just have a look.

      Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


        Definitely Dagfinn... a wonderful and almost satirical painter who can capture the spirit of people on and off the ships.. in good and bad satire.


          Enjoying to follow you both on this summer trip.Despite bad weather you manage to get great pictures from different places.
          Best wishes from Bengt Domben


            So happy to see a new update!

            In your second image of post 43 taken during your lunchtime, there is something familiar and I get a summer-holiday-trip feeling. A good moment in life.

            In the next image, as Lofoten passes by in clearly some headwind, you get the essence of the old generation ships... this is the real Hurtigruten I think, the way I would like to remember the ships.

            I agree with you on the products sold in stores in Norway - there is extremely little to no products made in Norway, nothing typical Norwegian (apart from some products in grocery stores). We are all lost to the same products you have in Germany, in Greece or anywhere else. Also in Norway, every single mall that opens up have the same chain stores: Cubus, Princess, Interiør, Dressmann and so on... nothing special. And the worst thing is, it's not us the consumers fault, but the way Norway works I think.

            If you are a small-time business doing something different from the chains, city government and higher, do anything in their power to shut you down and to prevent stimulating you to develop your product. They WANT the same chains everywhere.... just look at a recently opened mall here in Trondheim, the rent per square meter is so incredibly high that its impossible for anyone other than big chains and big brands to open or operate there. Believe me, you wouldn't believe the rents and conditions they demand... hair-raising!

            Wonderful atmosphere at the museum - nice place to relax and smell the past, and perhaps also learn something. Ohhh... the old engines is like music in my ear, single piston engines in particular. I have to admit I smiled at your windy image outside, despite the bad weather, it's still a great way to experience the area.

            Nice to see you decided to experience LOFOTR as well. I skipped that stop on my visit too many years ago, don't remember if it was because of the entrance fee, or the time of the day. Probably the first reason.

            Thank you so much for this new update, Ralf!
            With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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              Again so much nice comments. Thank you all. Yes this drawing was made by Dagfinn Bakke. And i took pictures of all his art aboard Finnmarken. This will be a special thread later on, since i don't think we have them (anymore?) in the forum. If, please write me. There is no need of double posting.

              In my opinion a town can obligate a shopping centre company to offer some space with lower rates to local traders or companies. This would help a lot to enable development of local craftmanship instead of killing it. And it would be a magnet for tourists.

              I read in the newspaper today, that our most expensive shopping street is looking for new tenants. Because of the boring offers, they lost a lot of visitors. But of course they still are way to expensive for all the old shops i used to visit in earlier days. They had all to go.

              Yes the Viking Museum is very expensive. But if you take your time and do not hurry through, it is a nice experience and you will see a lot. You don't have to buy food there...
              Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                In the afternoon there were some dry hours predicted at the Northern shore and so we decided to try a walk. Our guide book recommended a walk over the old roads to Uttakleiv. Today there is a tunnel, before a road was surrounding a cape and more before, a path was going across a pass. Uttakleiv is at the end of the world, it seems, but civilisation has arrived already:

                IMG_1143 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                They build up some facilities, so it would be possible to spend the night there on a very simple campsite, but why pay a fee for just parking there. Since our route was leading round, we returned to the (still) free parking at the other side of the tunnel. Here is also a wonderful bay. Our route will lead us along the coast to the right.

                IMG_2878 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                We did not trust the weather forecast for this afternoon, but at least it kept mostly dry. This picture is just from the same position as before, but turned by 180°. We will return in some hours via the path down the hill on the left.

                IMG_2879 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                Instead a summit book we met on this tour a "cape book". Nice idea!

                IMG_1178 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                For too bad weather there is also a resting place.

                IMG_1175 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                Not too cozy, especially, when you don't bring your wood with you to get a fire.

                IMG_1174 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                Out of unknown reasons, we have no pictures of the second part of our walk. But the way back over the pass was impressing, especially as the children's way to school was the main reason for all the efforts for the several roads. And that just for a few dozend people. Our stay for the night was at the Flakstad campsite, Skagencamping.

                IMG_2891 (Bearbeitet) by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr


                I will not just complain about shops, near this place, in Ramberg you can find a shop, also with Norwegian pullovers, caps scarfs, all handmade, and they do not even advertise it:

                Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                  Day 17, Thursday 28.06.2018

                  Finally the rain should be over today and the weather prediction was much better. And that was we were waiting for before our trip to the Southern end of the Lofoten islands to the village Å i Lofoten. And the day began promising, as we hopped over the islands.

                  Foto 28.06.18, 11 19 38 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                  But first we wanted to complete our walking program, which had been extremely shortened because of the weather. The guide book offered a very nice walk from Sørvågen up to several lakes. For a half day walk, it would not be possible to reach the highest point at Munkebu- cottage, but we just walked on and decided to turn around, when it was time. We started with the Sørvågvatnet directly at the village. There is a nice waterfall at the first step to the next lake.

                  IMG_1145 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                  After a steep walk of about 30 minutes we reached the second lake, the Stuvdalsvatnet.

                  IMG_1148 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                  I took then a while to walk along this lake, then a second steep path lead us to the third lake, the Tridalsvatnet.

                  IMG_1150 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                  The trail would now lead very steep on the right side of the lake and cross over to the fourth lake, the Fjerddalsvatnet. Before reaching the lake it would lead further up to the Munkebu-cottage. We made not yet half of the way and that would be too long for a half day. So we turned left, where a small bridge was leading over a waterfall. Far down you can see the shore where we started.

                  IMG_1156 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                  We followed a path up, maybe it was possible to rech the Fjerddalsvatnet on this side. But the path ended at a rocky plateau. So we enjoyed the view and the weather and went back.

                  IMG_1152 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                  If you will ever be here for a longer stay and you will have good weather and shoes, take the long tour and go up there. It is marvellous. Have a look here:

                  Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                    Then we reached the end of the road, where Å i Lofoten was waiting. This village is shown on each brochure or advertisement of Lofoten and so we were quite surprised, how small it actually is. Lot's of offers for tourists with a lot of money left.

                    IMG_1157 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                    Somehow i feel uncomfortable at such places. We talked to some people, who spend some days here with fishing, which came near our hometown and to other Germans, which parked their campervan beside ours about our holidays. Germans all over the place... next time i will prefer the loneliness up in the mountains...

                    IMG_1163 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                    Here on the outer islands it is a bit difficult to find good campsites. So we decided to move over to the area near Stamsund, because we had not been yet in that corner and we would embark MS Finnmarken tomorrow at Stamsund. Our campsite for today was Brustranda Sjøcamping. This is a place we can really recommend. Very nice situated, calm and very good facilities.

                    IMG_1173 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

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                    Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                      Day 18, Friday 29.06.2018

                      Yesterday we passed some places, where we had not been yet and decided, just to come back on the next day. On a road trip you just take not always the direct way.
                      We visited Reine yesterday and today Ballstad and Nusfjord. Reine and Ballstad did not impress us very much, so we concentrated on Nusfjord. It is the yellow brother to the red Å.

                      IMG_1179 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                      Most interesting for us was a farm, where they grow up salmon babies. High security area, no access wanted.

                      Foto 29.06.18, 16 00 57 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                      Later we approached Stamsund, with lots of rocks and small islands.

                      Foto 29.06.18, 16 52 40 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                      It was a little bit misty today and we had short showers of rain, but marvellous pictures.

                      Foto 29.06.18, 17 00 56 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                      We knew only a small part of Stamsund, because you can not walk away far, if you are just stopping with Hurtigruten. So we were surprised, how big Stansund actually is.

                      Foto 29.06.18, 17 10 36 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr
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                      Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                        A good viewpoint is the rock, where the church is on, but also the graveyard is idyllic.

                        Foto 29.06.18, 17 11 03 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                        Of course we had to be at the harbour, when the Northbound Trollfjord arrived. Somehow we met mostly the same ships!

                        Foto 29.06.18, 18 57 30 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                        Then we moved a little bit out to have a nice place for cooking dinner. Spot on Stamsund harbour!

                        Foto 29.06.18, 20 00 52 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                        A walk after dinner and the well known Stamsund picture, was done afterwards.

                        Foto 29.06.18, 21 30 41 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                        And then Southbound Finnmarken arrived! My first embarkation with the car on a Hurtigruten ship came nearer.

                        Foto 29.06.18, 22 03 56 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                        And it was easy. And yes, i was really not the only van a board. The restrictions will be, because they fear hundreds of German campervans. But i am doubtful, if that is really a problem...

                        IMG_1436 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr
                        Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                          I booked an inside cabin, but since the ship was not very crowded (many half roundtrips to Kirkenes), they gave us an "upgrade": An outside cabin with limited view, haha. At least more central in the ship. Not bad at all...

                          Foto 29.06.18, 23 24 10 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                          And so we left the Lofoten Islands under a beautiful sky and with magic light conditions. The third part of our trip: the minicruise via Bergen to Denmark!

                          Foto 29.06.18, 22 38 51 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                          Great view on the Lofot wall.

                          Foto 29.06.18, 23 00 36 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                          Destination Bodø.

                          Foto 30.06.18, 00 04 03 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                          The pool was still under construction. But 00.30 on Vestfjord is the perfect time and place for a hot tub!

                          Foto 30.06.18, 00 28 12 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr
                          Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                            Day 19, Saturday 30.06.2018

                            After a short night we got up early to see the arrival in Ørnes. But it was cloudy there and so there was no need to take any pictures. We watched the people which were brought and picked up from the ship and went then to have breakfast. Then we took some time to relax and watched people in the Panorama Salon. We were now the fourth time on this route and old stagers. So it was nice to see, how different the people are. From the exited man how was hectically running in and out to get the best pictures up to completely bored people just staring in their book - all were there - and most people took pictures through the squirted windows of the Salon, even it was warm and sunny outside. So we passed also Nesna, which offered also no new pictures. We had a small book with us, where a German tourguide was writing about her experiences aboard various Hurtigruten trips during one year and she was decribing, that the best icecream you will find in Brønnøysund. That had to be approved and so we would leave the ship, also to do some shopping.

                            But first a US car lover showed up in Sandnessjoen and was posing with his Firebird Trans Am. The white brother of the black car from "Smokey and the Bandit".

                            IMG_1216 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                            A few meters down the quai of Brønnøysund you are half the way between the North and the Southcape of Norway. In each direction 840km. Here you have a nice view of the ship.

                            IMG_1222 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                            And here the legendary icecream. To be honest, the same ice from the same mchines like in all Narvesen shops along the coast. Okay, we can discuss about the strawberries. But it is the best time of the day to have an ice in the sunny afternoon.

                            Foto 30.06.18, 16 25 59 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                            For me each time impressing: the view from the South through the bridge and between the islands.

                            IMG_1226 (1) by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                            Later on the annoucement called nearly all passengers out on the sundeck....

                            Foto 30.06.18, 17 42 54 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                   take pictures of Torghatten, the famous mountain with the hole. We decided that we will walk through this hole the next time we will be in this area.

                            Foto 30.06.18, 17 44 31 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr
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                            Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                              Then it was time to join the dinner. We booked in for the jubilee dinner 125 years of Hurtigruten and joined a German couple which were deserted by their table companions in Svolvaer and had their last evening before leaving the ship in Trondheim. They were also very interested to visit the next attraction in Rørvik. And the dinner was perfectly timed, we were ready just before arriving. And there she came...

                              Foto 30.06.18, 20 52 58 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                              And again it was changing from a ship on a private yacht. She is so cozy!! Of course we had to check, if the icebear is correctly fixed at his place.

                              Foto 30.06.18, 21 11 35 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                              The restaurant was still closed, because some passengers did not finish the dinner yet. But we needed to get a T-shirt in the shop. So we hurried one deck upstairs to get to the stern and enter the shop from behind. Good to be familiar with the locality. The following picture caused a small accident. Regines cruise card somehow was bonded to the smartphone, fell off the ship and we watched it slowly sinking down.
                              But the receptionist on Finnmarken just gave us a replacement with a big smile, when we told about our clumsiness.

                              Foto 30.06.18, 21 09 37 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                              And so we watched her leave in all her beauty!! Thank you, Captain. We stayed longer to see her come and go.

                              Foto 30.06.18, 21 32 56 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr
                              Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                                Most of the passengers went to bed earlier, or stayed inside. We had another hot tub and put then our warm clothes on to enjoy the evening sun after so many rainy days. The sun would disappear this night for the first time since we crossed the polar circle North!

                                Foto 30.06.18, 22 45 53 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                                What a sunset to have a cold beer!!

                                Foto 30.06.18, 23 41 10 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                                And exactly at midnight, the sun disappeared. Since it is summer time, she would come back at 2 a.m., but we would go to sleep earlier.

                                Foto 01.07.18, 00 01 57 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                                When we turned round to go to bed we suddenly remarked the full moon was rising over the coast! What a surprise.

                                Foto 01.07.18, 00 52 30 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                                Had there been a moment, when you were able to see both? Probably not. It was nearly 1 p.m., when we saw the moon. Here a panoramy try.

                                Foto 01.07.18, 00 55 15 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                                Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11