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This is Ireland: The Wild Atlantic Way

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    The view to the North is even more impressing.

    2017-05-11 15.06.22 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

    Here the view to the island of Valentia, which looked from the distance more spectacular than it was later, when we drove on it. But it is obviously a place for people with money.

    2017-05-11 15.06.17 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

    Nearby was a nice and charming camping park: Mannix Point. Mortimer, the owner, was talking to us in German, some of his relatives lived for years near our hometown. In the public facilities he played the most strange radio station i ever heard - a mix of opera, very old movie soundtracks, jazz, country and classic....amazing. And we had a pitch at the waterfront.

    Foto 11.05.17, 18 10 00 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr
    Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


      After dinner we had a wonderful sunset.

      Foto 11.05.17, 21 49 38 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

      And later we had a good lecture in our campervan and a can of Smithwick's. In Germany this beer is sold under the name "Kilkenny's", so that was surprising to us. Through the rear window i watched several colored blinking lights out in the bay, so it was really nice. The nights were still cold, about 7-9°C, that's why we kept our roof closed. The upper part is like a tent and so you would have to heat. With closed roof that is not necessary.

      2017-05-11 23.35.41 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

      Breakfast scenery on the next morning. On this next day we will proceed on the last of the Southern Fingers and have our next night with Irish musik in Dingle.

      Foto 12.05.17, 10 09 28 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr
      Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


        Before entering the last of the peninsulas, we made a side trip to Killarney. The plan was to visit one of the famous parks and - if possible - a manor house. So our guide book recommended Killarney.
        The map was even showing a waterfall and this is a must-have-visited for my wife, so there it is....don't laugh too loud, all you Norwegeans!

        Foto 12.05.17, 13 16 57 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

        Very attractive for many people is a ride with one of the horse-drawn carriages. Nice to look at, but we prefered to walk.

        Foto 12.05.17, 13 23 46 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

        The third bright color you can see all over Ireland in May beside the red fuchsia and the yellow gorse is the purple rhododendron. It is growing also like weed in the woods.

        Foto 12.05.17, 13 33 46 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr
        Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


          The park was nice, but for us nothing really special - we are used woody areas in Germany. Larger woods however seem to be seldom in Ireland.

          2017-05-12 12.28.00 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

          On our way back to the coast and the WAW we noticed a sign "Kerry Woolen Mills" and we decided to have a look. And really we did not find one of the many shops, but the production site itself! Of course it had also a shop and we spend a while trying this and that and found some real nice clothings.

          Foto 12.05.17, 15 13 21 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

          Quite old-school factory halls.

          Foto 12.05.17, 14 40 24 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

          The clothes are well made and a real local product: made local out of local raw materials. And in my opinion still affordable. If you want, have a look.

          Of course you will get this products all over Ireland. But it was nice too see, how they are made.

          Foto 12.05.17, 15 13 56 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr
          Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


            Mostly via the National Road we reached Dingle, out stage for that day. We wanted to stay in a B&B for tonight, but which one of the dozens of offers would be fine? Would they have a vacant room? We had learned so far the signs like "open", "now open" and "vacancies" just announce that there is a running business (and sometimes even "recently running"), not more. And since it was Friday evening, we just went in the tourist office and asked for a recommendation. Just a phone call later we had the last vacant room in this highly decorated nice house, even with bay view, for exact the price we were asking for:


            Foto 12.05.17, 17 07 14 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

            Vivienne, the owner, gave us later perfect recommendations for restaurants and pubs in Dingle and these were also perfect. Something we experienced really often in Ireland, the people are very friendly and open and will send you to really beautiful places. You really can trust them. Many take also part in contests like "the best pub food" or the "most traditional restaurant" or similar. There are hundreds of different awards, but at least all are motivated to make their place to a special one. So after a little walk through the village, where we found this nice shop...

            2017-05-12 19.39.56 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

            ...we looked out for the recommendations of Vivienne and this looked very promising to us. We were just there, when they opened and so we choos an "Early Bird Menue". And it was really delicious!


            Foto 12.05.17, 20 36 17 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr
            Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


              After dinner we had plenty of time to enjoy the sunset at the harbour, where also a WAW post can be found.

              2017-05-12 20.23.49 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

              Also Dingle still has some fishing boats.

              2017-05-12 20.25.58 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

              On our way from the B&B to town we even saw a fish shop, just beside the local fishing corporation and we decided to purchase our dinner tomorrow there. But another view to the town.

              Foto 12.05.17, 21 19 08 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

              On the way back to town i noticed some nice veteran cars of the same brand like mine - MG.

              2017-05-12 20.36.54 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr
              Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                Most live music in pubs starts at 9.30 p.m. and about this pub Vivienne was also telling, so we followed again her traces.

                2017-05-12 22.30.08 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                Live act of today were the Blow-Ins, two guys, one from London, one from Dublin, who got stuck in this town some years ago and now earn their money by playing each night in another pub during the summer season.

                Foto 12.05.17, 22 41 55 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                Here you can have a little teaser: (the video is showing another pub in Dingle)

                Yes, we had a pleasant evening!

                Foto 12.05.17, 22 53 18 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr
                Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                  What a spectacular trip and trip-report.

                  Those cliff-vistas are spectacular.... this is something I would like to see myself some time in my life. I love it all, even though I'm no longer a beer drinker. But in the Irish spirit, I might taste one when I get there.
                  With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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                  • Ralf__
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                    Yes, the coastline is overwhelming - even for a Norwegian! You will catch the Pub-spirit as well without a beer - how about a Whisky or a Cider - But it's also working fine with lemonade and music. On the other hand... Irish beer isn't that strong.

                  Ralf! - First due to a computer issue, then other things, and now about to be away for two weeks, I still have to catch up with the latest installments of this terrific trip of yours. So much here to enjoy and chatter on about! Meanwhile I'll raise a virtual glass of Guinness. Sláinte!


                  • Ralf__
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                    Have fun on "your" ship. Glad you're following my thread from time to time.

                  Since I was in Beuvron then in Corsica (with Françoise's smartphone I can connect with CVF but cannot log in...Strange!) I didn't comment.But your report reminds me nice feelings I got in my dear Ireland. I am looking forward to the next episode.


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                    Thank you for following, Yves. And correct me, if i don't remember right and write rubbish!

                  The next morning began with rain. After 5 (five!) days of sunshine in early May nothing to worry about. We started to discover the Dingle peninsula, which is full of historic relicts,
                  We visited a private museum, which showed the Famine times, a very dark period of Ireland between 1845 and 1852. Most of the Irish people were totally dependant of potatoes and when some potatoe crops failed because of a plant disease, hunger, starvation and emigration characterised these years. The museum owner, whose family is living since more than 400 years at this place, explained all this to us.

                  Foto 13.05.17, 11 39 40 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                  Of course we wanted also to see the peak of this peninsula and so we had a little walk from the last parking possibility.

                  2017-05-13 11.10.49 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                  This was an impressing rocky bay with a sandy beach at the bottom. Not inventing to have a bath, anyhow.

                  2017-05-13 11.15.12 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr
                  Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                    The view from the peak to the Great Blasket Islands, which were inhabited until 1956. Now people go there for birdwatching.

                    2017-05-13 11.35.04 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                    Since we had to go back no the same way, because there is only a dead end road, we passed Dingle again and now we stopped in the wonderful fish shop near the harbour! What a picture! Yummy!
                    We bought the wonderful fresh pollock for our dinner.

                    Foto 13.05.17, 13 30 37 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr


                    To avoid driving the completely same way back to the National road, we decided to cross the Connor Pass, although it is closed for vehicles of more than 1,83m wide. It is the highest pass (456m!) of Ireland and we read a lot of it in the tour guides. So we were a bit frightened about this crossing. And then... nothing. No outstanding spectacular sight, no remarably narrow road, that was nearly boring! So we took no pictures. If someone wants to watch it, have a look at youtube:


                    So we proceeded in direction to Tralee and left the peninsulas and stopped at Blennerville, because we noticed a familiar Dutch-design building.

                    2017-05-13 14.32.02 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr
                    Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                      The WAW is not leading to Limerick and our guide book was not telling much interesting things, so we took the ferry from Talbert to Kilkee, to cross the river Shannon. Now we had again a heavy rain shower.

                      Foto 13.05.17, 17 08 12 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                      The ferry came, but the rain continued, so we did not leave the car! And that on a ferry! I did that only once before - in Scotland!

                      2017-05-13 16.21.30 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                      Although we had left the peninsula part of the WAW, the moouth of the river Shannon is forming one more peninsula: Loop Head. Here we found a nice camping site with only very few people on it. And the owner gave us a complete tour proposal for the following day. And look at the evening sky:

                      2017-05-13 20.35.26 HDR by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr
                      Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                        The owner of the campsite handed us over a little map of the peninsula, and recommended to change the direction of driving. The reason was the better photolight in the next morning. Her told us, we would see the most spectacular rocks with the sun in the back then. Further he told us some small detours to remote places and recommended the pub with the best lunch food. And again we followed the advices and were rewarded. Look at the cliffs near Kilkee:

                        2017-05-14 10.15.28 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                        2017-05-14 10.15.36 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                        Some pictures look similar in this thread, for sure, but it is really a delight to be on your way in such scheneries and you will never get enough of it!

                        2017-05-14 10.26.01 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr
                        Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                          Our next stop was at the bridges of ross. They will speak for themselves:

                          2017-05-14 10.52.45 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                          The sea is here doing a lot with the coastline, the changes can be clearly seen within decades.

                          2017-05-14 10.59.02-1 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr

                          Between these rocks there are lots of bays, caves, tunnels and bridges!!

                          2017-05-14 11.05.08 by Ralf Plinta, auf Flickr
                          Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11