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  • This is Scotland

    I don't know how we have avoided a This is Scotland thread this long??
    I'll correct that mistake and post a challenge to our resident Edinburgh and Scotland expert on CVF.
    Have got it right for once??:

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    Maybe not IN Scotland, but at least involving the Scottish pride and joy, Whiskey:
    Are there any older/more expensive whiskeys available in Scotland??


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      Ummm, Scotland thread - I thought Gailsail and/or Kiki had something of the sort, but perhaps renamed or amalgamated with something more specific like a trip or event.

      Anyway, VG, not bad at all! More limestone than sandstone buildings actually, and although I haven't been to all the places to eat and drink mentioned here, Indigo Yard is local to me and nice to sit outside for a drink, coffee, or some lunch when the weather is fine, and quite cosy inside when it isn't
      Turning from food and drink to other non-obvious things of interest in Edinburgh, I was impressed to find the official website has vastly improved and also getting things right. This marvellous "Edinburgh in 101 objects" feature is very well worth a browse:-