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Swedish Sailing league - Strängnäs 2017

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    Swedish Sailing league - Strängnäs 2017

    One week to go before the first start:

    I hope that we're finished soon, so the games may begin!

    Some of you might reflected over the fact that I've been quite absent from the forum lately. The reason is that I've been spending very much time to get the event of the decade on place in Strängnäs. So we arranged "Swedish Sailing league" part 1 in Strängnäs during the last weekend.
    The effort was quite massive: 80 sailors, 600 portions of food, 42 races and a lot of other stuff going on.

    The local team.

    We made the "Ångbåtsbron" to a complete Race village.

    I designed the tv-holders, and edited the contents shown on the screens.

    A lot of sailing.

    Professional speakers in action.



      Cool feelings in Race village.

      The race boats moores at the temporary quay.

      Did we promise "near town racing"? Yes, and Strängnäs delivered!

      I was in charge for the complete arrangement... it's a miracle that I could photograph everything between the managing sessions.



        Close to the Race Village!

        One almost couldn't have dreamed to have this happening in my town.

        even less to be responsible of everything...

        The person you see here is actually a world champion.

        Great action!

        And a great opportunity for the audience to see us!



          Close to the shore!

          We built a complete Race Village!

          The radio was making several interviews.

          Near shore!

          And we even had a boat for the audience!



            The Race Village

            In total, it was a LOT of work, but at the same time - very nice to see the complete venue finalised and operative. And we got a lot of good feedback too!


              WOW Tommi! What a superb event - I'm so impressed. You certainly should feel really proud of your achievements, organisational as well as photographic.


                I'll make Cecilias words mine.
                Great shots from what must have been a nice place to be during the event. They smell summertime big time those pictures, thank you :-)


                  Well done! And so good that you had time to take some pictures. If i imagine myself in such a position i couldn't even think about pictures. The event would have been finished and i had ony memories in my brain. Looks all very organised and very professionall.

                  Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                    Well done indeed, you have very cleverly managed to capture not only photos but also the atmosphere of the event in your shots!

                    This is advertising you know!
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                      Thank you all for the nice comments. I've been quite exhausted after this busy spring, but at the same time I'm feeling more and more satisfied to see the results.
                      Now there are some discussions going on about repeating the venue during next year, let's see where that discussion ends.
                      On Saturday I'll be at Ekerö for the next event in the league - just taking photos.