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This is Taizhou, China

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    This is Taizhou, China

    Last weekend I vistied a place and part of China where I had never been before, the small city (by Chinese standard) of Taizhou in Zhejiang Province on the East coast of China:

    The town itself has a population of abt. 1.5 Mill. while the "City" prefecture has abt. 6 Mill. inhabitants. (A "City" in China is defined a bit different from other places)

    I was there for work, so not much sight seeing, but I did get around a lot, since the Shipyard was abt. 1.5 hr. by car from the hotel, largely through citrus orchards and cabbage fields.

    The only walk-around was in the nearest area around the hotel, so this will be a mini look at Taizhou. (The hotel in it's appropriate thread)
    There is nothing remarkable within that little area, just "everyday" Chinese townscape. (The problem is that ALL Chinese cities/towns start to look so alike that it is hard to remember were in China you are)

    So here is "anywhere China" from Taizhou. Typical residential blocks of the smaller and older type:

    With a replica of some Western style statue in the landscaped garden around the blocks (One of several):

    And of an even older type residential buildings:

    Typical street scenes from "anywhere China" (older part of any modern town):

    A leafy residential street:

    And a major road with a divider to hinder people from crossing everywhere:

    A typical "official" office building:

    No office building is complete without a Lion or an Elephant guarding the entrance:

    China was famous for it dense traffic of bicycles some 20-30 years ago. (Now replaced by cars and electric Scooters). Now adays there are rental bikes all over town, which can be picked up and dropped of at numerous places by anybody with a card that will open the lock. But sometime there are too many bikes in one place.
    Sorry, no pix of such stands, but here is one of bikes stored safely before being picked up and re-distributed where more needed.

    A typical Shop front row in "anywhere China", but do you notice something special??:

    Aha!! One that run away to escape from the pot. But running is hard work and one need sustenance.
    Who can resist those delicious greens growing in the cracks anyhow:

    A landmark in this part of town:

    No, I know nothing about it and did not visit. It looks like a fairly new structure though.
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      From my hotel I had spotted a traditional Wet Market just down the street, so I decided to go there and see if they had anything "special" on offer. This being the beginning of the cold season I was expecting maybe live snakes to build up you resistance against cold and maybe civic cats, which could be expected in the Guangdong Province especially.

      Here is the market from the outside. (Noting special you may say):

      Nothing very special inside either. The meat section:

      No refrigeration here.

      The general section:

      The green algeas would have had the Health Inspectors i​n Singapore in a tiffy and the market shut down for cleaning.

      The Seafood section. (Standing room only):


        A bit up the street I noticed a Temple complex, so a visit was on the cards.

        The temple entrance yard and impressively tall Joss burner:

        The Temple had two halls holding a variety of Deities.
        Here is the front of the first hall:

        I don't know the names for all these Deities, but here they are from left to right:

        And a smaller Joss burner at the front yard:

        This one obviously not in use for it's main purpose.


          The second hall was dedicated to Kun Im (The Goddess of Mercy)

          Leaving the Temple I took this picture of the roof and entrance to to the fore court:

          The Entrance hall had three doors, each with their distinct Door Gods. (From right to left):

          That is all from Taizhou. I doubt I will ever be back there.

          One thing about Taizhou that may interest some here on CVF; it is the home of Volvo. (At least the Owner)


            It's always interesting to see those everyday surroundings of different parts of the world. Thanks for taking the time to photograph and post.


              WONDERFUL report from a place in the world I never knew of before.

              As Tommi says above, it is really interesting being able to see places in the world we normally don't go to for holiday.

              Thanks ombugge for taking us along through your images!
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