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    This is Cuba

    With the opening up of Cuba to tourism it may be timely to have a thread for this beautiful and interesting island.
    It hasn't actually been closed to anybody except Americans. Canadians and European tourists have been visiting freely for many years.
    It is not that Cuba hasn't welcomed American visitors that didn't come with weapons, or to preach, but Americans have not been allowed to visit by their own Government.

    As I said in another thread recently, visit Cuba, especially Havana, before it becomes just like everywhere else, with McDonalds and Starbucks at every corner.

    Even if you cannot visit in person, at least you can enjoy some of it in this Aljezeera documentary:

    The flags have been raised at the US Embassy in Havana and the Cuban Embassy in Washington DC:

    But some Congressmen living in the passed is refusing to approve an Ambassador to be appointed to serve at the Embassy in Havana.
    After having tried and failed to occupy Cuba, to kill Fidel Castro and stifle it's economy with embargo for over 50 years without succeeding, maybe it's time to say enough??

    A little background about American/Cuban relations in the past:

    ​PS> The opinions expressed in this last article may be slightly biased, but the facts are historically correct.
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