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    Since I'm unable to post anything in the General Maritime thread I start a new thread here.

    The other end of Singapore. This is Tuas Basin as seen from the PPL Tuas Yard at Tuas Crescent:

    Ships and rigs seen at ST Marine, Tuas from the same venue:

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    What the h*ll, a HLV with a mini cargo on her deck???:


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      Originally posted by ombugge View Post
      Ships and rigs seen at ST Marine, Tuas from the same venue:
      Is ST Marine diversifying into Livestock Carriers, from Navy Ships ??

      Seems there is atleast one Cattle Carrier, from what I can decipher !!


      • ombugge
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        This ST Marine at Tuas, which is a ordinary shipyard specializing in repairs and maintenance of Dredgers and Offshore vessels, but handle all kinds of ships and the odd Rig, within their limitation.
        In this picture you see TWO Livestock Carriers.

        I will be posting more picture from here soon. (Taken while on a rig being towed from PPL Tuas Yard to Jurong West Anchorage a few days ago)
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      Although the General Interest thread is now usable I will post more pictures from Singapore Port here so as not to overload that thread again immediately. (Better used for other things)

      This Monday I was on board the newbuilt Jackup rig Hakuryu 12 belonging to Japan Drilling Company Ltd., Tokyo, during tow from PPL Tuas Shipyard to the loadout location F5 at Jurong West Anchorage (AJW). Naturally, I took some pictures of the ships, boats and rigs seen along the route.

      Early morning in Tuas North Basin:

      Hazy view of ST Marine, Tuas yard:

      And of PRM Shipyard at Tuas West:

      Built "to stock" patrol boat at Daman Shipyard:

      DP World Shipyard at Tuas Crescent:


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        A wee little correction, DP World became DDW Paxocean and now has become PaxOcean !! If you meant the one at Tuas Crescent .. (next to Damen,.. )

        In the first picture I think I see the Jacson 18, if I can recall correctly !

      • ombugge
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        Well, it used to be Pan-United Shipyard, but has had many name changes; DP World took over and named it DDW Pan Ocean.
        Even more names since PCL (Robert Kouk) took control a couple of years ago.
        It was DDW Pax-Ocean last I was there.
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        Yes you can see the Crane, Superstructure and Helideck of the Jascon 18 in the background, but only if you know what you are looking for.
        She has been there in near completed condition for several years now.

        The Work Barges in front are at the NewCruz Yard and belong to Swiber.

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      Hazy sunrise through the derrick on Boss 6 at ST Marine, Tuas yard:

      OSV Havila Harmony in drydock at ST Marine:

      She is not alone:

      Pakarang view:

      Lift Boat Teras Fortress:

      Pakarang view:

      AHTS Toisa Solitaire at JMSL yard:


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        Panorama views of Jurong West Anchorage, Monday, 16. March, 2015:

        I tried to splice this into a 360 Panorama, but it did not work satisfactorily.


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          I think it is a good idea to have this thread just for Singapore port, as you always have enough images to justify it. These photos are very interesting - and some of them, like #4.2, quite beautiful - because of your viewpoint high up somewhere on the rig! And that one at #5.6 is the one Pakarang view I do like.
          The panoramas at the end are excellent, don't worry about a 360 degree one, those you have shown give a good impression of the scene as you rotate.

          "To thine own self be true.......
          Thou canst not then be false to any man."


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            will post this in the Singapore Thread as well

            Singapore Navy and Police Coast Guard doing ‘rounds’ for Lee Kuan Yew’s Memorial Service

            RSS Resilience and RSS Dauntless of Navy, and the StanPatrol 3507 Based Coast Guard Boats


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              Singapore Navy and Police Coast Guard doing ‘rounds’ for Lee Kuan Yew’s Memorial Service

              RSS Resilience and RSS Dauntless of Navy, and the StanPatrol 3507 Based Coast Guard Boats


              • ombugge
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                The Commentator on CNA said they had "Manned the Rail", but I can see no sign of that in your pictures.

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              ombugge, with the massive down pour, manning the rails or not wouldn't have made any difference

              The F16s doing a missing man formation had been aborted, and flown at a higher altitude !!!

              Patrol vessels RSS Dauntless and RSS Resilience will sail from both ends of the Singapore Strait along the southern coastline past key coastal landmarks, before meeting and sailing in formation towards Marina Bay.

              With the state flag at half-mast, they will fly a black flag used for mourning with signal flags representing the letters L, K and Y.

              As the procession passes the Padang, the ships will sound three prolonged horn blasts of 10 seconds each.
              - See more at:
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                Some more pictures from Singapore Port. This time Offshore vessels at Eastern Working Anchorage, within shooting distance for ecureilx as well.

                AHTS Stip Tide:

                AHTS Toisa Daring:

                AHTS Seacor Valor:

                MPSV Normand Baltic, fresh from dry dock:

                Near Pakarang of the same vessel:

                And the other side:


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                  More vessels at Eastern Working Anchorage as seen last week. As usual, mostly offshore vessels of various types.

                  Starting with a typical launch bring people to/from the ships at anchor:

                  Overview of the anchorage as we emerge from Marina South Pier:

                  The CSV Toisa Paladin:

                  PSV Pacific Harrier:

                  With a full load on deck:

                  PSV/ROV Support GO Explorer:


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                    Heavy Lift Vessel Fjell with an "airy" structure on deck:

                    Cable ship Asean Explorer is a regular here:

                    This ship appears to have an attitude:

                    This old AHTS is very familiar:

                    Last seen in Vung Tau last year, then as the Russian vessel Katun.


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                      The AHTS Maersk Server:

                      A lot of storage reels for deep water rope mooring:

                      The most impressive with this OSV is the name. PSV Executive Brilliance:


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                        My target for the day, AHTS Pacific Wrestler.

                        As normal, a quick look around the externals: