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    Such a dramatic and beautiful landscape on this small island - I really want to visit this place and go exploring !
    With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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      En route to Suderoy onboard m/s Dugvan

      Littla Dimun in the foreground and Stora Dimun in the background.

      Littla Dimun from the north of Suderoy.


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        That view from the north of Suderoy really impressed me and is for sure one to linger over. (…right now I'm fancifully seeing trolls in that cliff's rock formations!)

      Few views of Suderoy,southern island of the archipelago.


        Last pics. from Feroes, still on Suderoy.


          This has been a lovely exploration of the Faroes, Yves. I don''t think I've ever seen any images of the islands before, anywhere. Not exactly standard cruise liner fare, thank goodness! As I stared at that image of the harbour at Gjogv I thought that getting out and back into the narrow harbour must be quite a feat when the sea is even half rough. Moving on to #17.3, the one showing north of Suderoy, I scrolled slowly down and down, marvelling at the cliff and wondering when the bottom would appear. It didn't, there was so much more hidden by the cliff from which the photo was taken! And #19.1 incredible cliff and inlet formation, isn't it? Breathtaking.
          Thank you.

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            I'm returning to thank you Yves for this very special and much appreciated collection of photographs and for showing me much more of these islands than I could see on a brief stop at Torshavn. Nevertheless I very much identify with that lone figure walking there into #18/5 - an enduring image which I've been seeing in my mind's eye long after the computer was switched off.


              I loved this trip in the Feroes and I'm sure I shall return....