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    totally forgotten this thread trip

    after crossing the canal we drove forther onto the bleu line,through a part of the polder to zaanstad.
    don't know the road there so it was surching for me too.
    finally we see one,stept out of the car,walked trhough somebody 's garden, (it was allowed,thee where signs for that and a walking path,and we havn'd been shot)
    walk through the sheepshit (the bleu dott line) on the meadow to the mill at nr.21

    back in the car didn'd know where i was so just followed the road that brought us back to the canal.
    over the industrial area to zaandam,where at nr. 22 is the Hq of Albert Heijn grossery stores the ahold company also in usa they have shops

    just above 22 on the other side of the line you can see this hotel (where we didn't stopt) so a lend image from jelle ursem.

    a big building with Zaanstadse houses on the facade.the inside is just as a normal.
    look at the windows,they are al at the same level.
    best regards Thijs


      the bleu line goes into a brown line.

      were we stopt at nr.23 the zaanse schans,a kind of open air museum.
      images of the mills can be seen at page 4 of this thread,also some old houses and lots of souveneer shops,workshops how to make clogs and more.

      but it was a short visit,was getting late and we want to go to the Queen as in QE the third.
      so from 23 we fly over the highway over the brown line that ends at the coentunnel,traffic jam every day there,but who is following the maasmond maritime newsletter, you could see that they have towed the tunnel sections to Amsterdam for a second tunnel.
      best regards Thijs


        coming out of the tunnel we followed the orange line and take from of exit the same way back to our meeting point nr1,but we drove further to the Personal Terminal Amsterdam or PTA, to see the QE3 at nr 24 (where al the images i taken could go into the bin).
        so further on our way to point 25 on Java Island,ware i take my images of her.

        further images taken has no use,it was to dark already.
        drove back to the meetingpoint 1/26 to let them out.
        we didn't say goodbye,we would see eachother again on thuesday,and show them Rotterdam.
        unfortanally,it never happen,but the offer stays Dane.
        have you taken the canalboat tour?

        and here ends the tour that we made that day,hopes that you memorise al the places we have been Dane,may the google images help you to find out where you have been
        best regards Thijs


          That building at #106.3 is just magnificent.

          "To thine own self be true.......
          Thou canst not then be false to any man."


            when you go to google earth and surch for this

            INNTEL Hotel provinciale weg zaandam

            you wil see more images of this hotel
            best regards Thijs