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    After two and av half months search .
    The city must be:

    The mentioned tunel is:
    Weilburger Schifffahrtstunnel

    Weilburger Schifffahrtstunnel is the oldest and longest navigable ship tunnel in Germany.
    It passes under a length of 195 meters the Mühlberg, on which the city Weilburg is located.
    The tunnel was built between 1844 and 1847.


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      yes you're right , it's Weilburg.
      searching on google for the gate ,nothing came up .
      i thought it was a arc the triumf thing,,search for that nothing, search for triomf tor (german) nothing ,sieger tor also nothing, so even for me it became a hunt for images and names for the gate.
      finally i found '' land tor '' and bingo, but i realise that it would be a hard task if not knowing where to go.
      than i saw the shipstunnel images ,and thought it was better to gave you all that cleu.

      red line, i drove
      bleu line ,the shipstunnel
      yellow circle , the gate
      orange star ,about the place i make the image
      purple Arrow, direction to the gate of the image
      for a closer look on google earth ,just type weilburg Germany

      so Oistein ,torture us with the next puzzle
      best regards Thijs



        That was a difficult one--- googling so many things and getting lost in the WWW. I just could not find out the right place!
        With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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          OIstein, it's to you to make a new puzzle.
          best regards Thijs