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big names in the cars industry

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    big names in the cars industry

    a facebook friend placed a message,

    Caroll Shelby died on the age of 89.

    damn,the man that made my ultimate favorit car.
    the AC COBRA

    the first time i see this car was in the movie gumball rally.
    love at first seight.
    end of the rally,the parking place at QM.
    it was a long surch to found out what that car was.
    but the only one's i can pay, are models of her

    (image lent from Lady E's 12 door garage)
    1. A Shelby Cobra

    my number 1 too

    R.I.P Caroll
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    best regards Thijs

    Re: big names in the cars industry

    The road in front of my shop leads to VIR. I love it when the Cobra's come to town. To see several of them drive by is incredible.


      not a big name in the car industry,but say ''the fast and furious'' and you have 2 names.
      1 of them died in a carcrash this night (night in europe).

      Paul Walker Rest In Piece.
      best regards Thijs