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2012 Formula One Season

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    2012 Formula One Season

    Yes, I know we just finished up the 2011 season, but news today that will warm Lady C's heart....Kimi's coming back to F1 for next season!!!

    He'll be racing for Lotus so she can officially be sporting BRITISH RACING GREEN!!!!!

    Early Happy Christmas, Cecilia!!!!!!!!

    YES E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was just going to, errrr, mention this, after having apologised for not having posted in the 2011 thread much of the season…
    Excuse 1: not having actually been to a race this year
    Excuse 2: being up at night for the far away races and not wanting to give out results before you’d all done catch-up
    Excuse 3: being away and not catching up on seeing races until much later, by which time it was all old news….

    Anyway with Kimi’s return I will indeed be completely out of control in 2012….now don’t be jealous Captain!!!!!!


      Re: 2012 Formula One Season

      *fanning Cecilia as much as I can*

      Now if I could only arrange the schedule so we could go the the inaugural race at the Circuit of the Americas in November....but I have no connections to make us VIPs.........