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    Railway Stations from around the World

    We don't appear to have a thread dedicated to Railway Stations, which is very much a part of the transport system.

    I'll start one, beginning with a Railway Station that will soon be no more, the KMT Railway Station at Tg. Pagar in Singapore. As of June this year the train services to/from Malaysia and the Oriental Express to Bangkok will no longer be at the old down town site in Singapore. Termination of the rail line will be at Woodlands Check Point and later may be moved to Johor Baru, with an MRT link to Singapore.

    A little background story may help to understand the reason;
    Since independence there has been a bit of a conflict here, because the Railway Station building and land at Tg. Pagar, and the "right of way" along the Rail lines, has belonged to Malaysian National Railway (KMT) while it is actually on Singapore sovereign ground.

    Even the checkpoint for both Singapore and Malaysian Immigration and Customs were at the Tg. Pagar Railways Station until a few years ago, when Singapore moved their checkpoint to Woodlands, while Malaysia insisted on maintaining theirs at Tg Pagar.

    That meant that passengers got their passport stamped for arrival in Malaysia BEFORE they were stamped out of Singapore.

    This rather silly situation has now been resolved and a amicable agreement reach where KMT will be given some other land parcel(s) in Singapore to jointly develop, while Singapore will be able to regulate and use the KMT land in a rational fashion.

    The old Railway Station Building has been gazetted will be retained in it's original form, at least externally. What it will be used for is still being debated, but whatever it is there will be a lot of restrictions on whoever gets to re-develop it.

    But enough talk, here is Tg. Pagar Railway Station as it appears today.

    The front as it appeared in late afternoon sun some time ago:

    And on a cloudy day recently:

    The main decorations on the front as they appears from Right to Left:


      I don't know if this qualifies as a Tudor Rose, but these appears on the underside of the arches at the maintainance:

      The station building was constructed by the British in the colonial days after all.

      A view of the back of the building:

      Station Hotel used to be situated at the upper floors until the early 1990s.

      Maintenance has not been uppermost priority the last 20 years or more:


        It has always been a popular place for Malay and South Indian food:

        I don't know what will happen to the Hawkers that has been here for many years, some for generations. Hopefully they will have a place to go to after the closure.


          Activity at the Goods Terminal has been fairly low for many years now:

          While the Passenger Trains still runs as normal:

          Some back-packers getting their ticket at the last possible moment:

          The Malaysia Customs point is still here and active:


            Vintage Switching Gear is still in use and may become part of the refurbished building:

            As may these "Bumpers":

            And this motorized ........... (forgot the name):


              Tourism Malaysia is still trying their level best:

              Here is were you can travel by KMT trains from Singapore:

              You can actually go on into Thailand from both Trumpat and Padang Besar.


                The main hall as seen at an earlier date (Without the Tourism Malaysia hut):

                The murals will hopefully be retained, no matter what it will be used for:

                That is my contribution to record the way Tg. Pagar Railway Station looked like in it's final days of operation. Hopefully I will be able to see the result of a careful and considerate refurbishment. Reverting in abt. 2 - 3 years time.

                For more info on Tg. Pagar Railway Station, here is a link:
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                  Originally posted by ombugge View Post

                  Looks like one of the Cunard Queens up there...
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                    Originally posted by pakarang View Post
                    Looks like one of the Cunard Queens up there...
                    Yes, very likely since this Railway Station was build at the height of British Colonial and Maritime might and the Queens were very much a part of that era.


                      Yangon Central Railway Station

                      Here is another Railway Station built by the British Colonial power at a time when they never even considered the possibility that they would be leaving one day.

                      Very Burmese in external style:

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                        Even a covered walkway leading to it from down town, along the elevated Pansodan Street:

                        And with covered entrances:


                          Yet very British lay-out otherwise, especially internally:


                            Ticketing Counter:

                            Waiting "Hall":


                              On to the platforms:

                              A large open space on the outside:

                              That concludes my reports from Yangon for this time.