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Road Accidents

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    Road Accidents

    Here is a good reminder for those who drive not to tail gate a lorry loaded with gas cylinders:

    Maybe stretching the "road accident" concept somewhat, but it happened on a road somewhere:


      I did put some videos from the Saigon traffic in the This is Vietnam thread earlier, but as seen from a safe distance.
      Now have a ride through Saigon on a scooter:
      Not sure what happened when the recording suddenly stopped.


      • nari
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        My guess would be either a wipeout or the camera just failed.....?


      best regards Thijs


      • wherrygirl
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      Near accident:
      I wonder how much was flying around in the cab on this truck. Thijes may be able to elaborate.
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        Thanks, Mark, but I've seen enough of that. I'll stay safe at home and wait for the chimney to fall through the roof.

      • janihudi
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        I think everything what was on the bed flies through the cab, including the drivers hart against the windscreen. Thank God he was awake.

      as in a reaction of the near accident in post 5 here above.

      this video showed also up in a Facebook group which i also is a member in of container truckers.

      i didn't thought about the emergency brake system which could stop the truck,and what discust there too,
      does it seems that the driver did it.
      because this is what they also came up with, from the trucking company Kreiss

      so i copy it with screenshots on my Phone.

      best regards Thijs


        also Volvo gave a reaction

        best regards Thijs


          i like to give you all another exsample which also was this week.

          also by the same Facebook group,though nothing with conatianers the driver of that truck gave it as a warning to whoem it concerns. (a k a every road user)

          this was in Germany near the Dutch border, happend to a Dutch truck.

          the drivers story

          i was taking the exit of the A30 to drive on to the A31 ( highway crossing Schuttdorf) .i was at that moment on the exit lane just like the truck behind me,when i car driver in a hurry push himself in front of me and the truck in front of me.

          by this my braking system was switch on,but in a way that the truck still drives.
          i flashed with my headlights als a warning that this was very dangerous,
          the driver was not served of this warning and brake even more on a long and hard way that the brake blocking system take controle and brought the truck to stop in a few seconds

          as you can see the truck isn't damaged

          however if i show you the complete image,the story is completly differend.

          though the bleu Volvo had that system,the white MAN truck didn't had that system ,and collide on the truck

          the driver of that truck wasn't wounded .

          my HC dodn't have that system,the new one i don't know.
          i hear storys of drivers that the system isn't without child diseases and brake even for a lightpole or a leave that came in front of the sensor.
          and with this kind of idiot drivers we would beng our heads against the windscreen many times.
          because ever driver which cut us of ,means a full active brakingsystem.

          needless to say that that cardriver was away in a flash of this accident
          best regards Thijs


            One thing I can for sure say: my respect goes out to those law-abiding and fantastic truck drivers around the world!

            With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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