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Supercars! – Gumball 3000 Rally in Edinburgh

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  • Supercars! – Gumball 3000 Rally in Edinburgh

    I'll be honest, I hadn't actually heard about this Gumball Rally thing!

    In case you haven't either, I can now tell you it involves supercars. You know - posh Ferraris, Lamborghinis and such like. The kind of cars that pop up from time to time on Top Gear and in motorshows, but are probably more familiar to the celebrity-minded. The entry fee for this year's rally was £40,000 but if you actually own a supercar I suppose that's just small change!

    At least some charitable causes apparently benefit from all the goings on. The rally has been an annual event since 1999 and this year it started in Miami and headed via Atlanta to New York. The cars then took to the skies aboard cargo planes, and participants flown over to Scotland in private jets. Cars and drivers reunited, they set off from Edinburgh on Sunday the 8th of June for London. I think Paris and Barcelona figured in it after that, and it ended up on Ibiza. Probably with a very big party!

    Well, the weather was nice that Sunday morning, and so I wandered along Princes Street towards the Mound, camera in hand. It's usually rather quiet at 9 o’clock on a Sunday, but what a surprise when I reached the Mound. I could see crowds of people lining both sides of the street behind temporary barriers, stretching all the way up. The actual junction with Princes Street was blocked off and seemed to be thronging with TV and press photographers. Girls were handing out cans of a sponsor's energy drink, and live music emanated from the pedestrian area at the opposite side of the art galleries. I edged my way along the pavement facing the galleries, struggling to find anywhere that was less than two or three people deep from the railings. Clearly I should have got up earlier or skipped breakfast to be able to get any kind of a reasonable viewpoint from which to take car photos.

    That 'test photo' of the crowds was taken by holding my camera way above my head, hoping for the best ...and subsequently straightening the resulting crooked angle. I'd eventually found somewhere with only two people in front of me, but the start of the proceedings was apparently delayed, folk shifted around a bit to get another drinks can or look at their mobile phone, and before long I had acquired bit of railing I could hold with one hand! By the time the cars started arriving I was right against the railing ready for photo-taking, as long as I didn't raise two elbows simultaneously.

    I'd expected the cars would simply drive past, but it turned out that they would park along the Mound while the participants were served 'brunch' in one of the galleries. They seemed to arrive rather haphazardly - a few would pass me, and then maybe nothing for a while before more appeared around the bend in the road. Some cars seemed to get cheered more than others. If these drivers were some kind of celebrity that folk had recognised, I wouldn't know. As well as likely celebrity-spotting types and families with children there actually seemed to be a goodly number of 'petrol heads' who clearly recognised every make and model of car as soon as it appeared at the top of the hill.
    Well I am not at all as knowledgeable, but the cars were shapely and shiny and fun to photograph. I can't possibly second-guess which ones you might like best, so there'll be a lot and without much further commentary.

    First batch coming up! Enjoy!

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        This car seemed to be attracting the attention of the official photographers...

        but I managed to get just as good a view from where I was standing!


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          This was also a crowd pleaser.


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            Something a bit different...


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                      The cars parked at an angle along the opposite side of the road now stretched beyond the point where I was standing. Some new arrivals were still occasionally directed past me on the left hand side of the road, dodging around those drivers and their passengers who were standing around, looking at the other cars, talking and taking photos, or, I suppose, just enjoying being seen!

                      Though here it looks as if the crowd are distracted and their attention divided in opposite directions!


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                          With the entire road now choc-a-block with cars, it seemed like a good time to consider moving on.

                          I passed this one on my way along towards the top of the road.


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                            This is the view looking down the Mound towards Princes Street, andit shows where I had been standing on the side by the trees.

                            It seemed that the length of street required to park all the cars had been somewhat underestimated, and some cars were now parking beyond a barrier that blocked the road - thus giving public as well as participants closer access to some of the later-arriving cars!


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                              Heading back down the road and this time keeping to the art galleries side, I joined the melee.

                              I even managed to take a car photo at a somewhat different angle without any people in the picture! ...

                              ...a different view of a car with people...

                              ...and even a head-on view of a sturdy car that might indeed appeal to our Pakarang!


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