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    In this world there seems to be numerous different sports and games to compete in.
    One of the more odd ones is plowing. A couple of weeks ago the Swedish Plowing championsships were held just outside Strängnäs. They we're competing in three different classes: horses, veteran tractors and modern tractors.

    Here goes the pictures, first some impressions before start:

    A Ferguson with a Volvo cab?

    A Case with a Wood gas equipment.

    A Volvo Victor.

    And off they go:

    Most plowers are looking more backwards than forwards when driving over the fields.

    Ain't it charming of what?

    Bolinder-Munktell was a big name in tractors in Sweden. They was actually manufactured in the region, in Eskilstuna.



      Holy smoke!

      The result should be straight, and the depth perfect.

      Some of you should recognize a Fordson Major?



        I don't know much about tractors, McCormick anyone?

        Discussions are going on with the judges.

        Could it better or???

        Once in a while there was so much smoke in the field so it actually was a bit tricky to take pictures.

        Actually a bit funny point of view.



          Very serious business indeed.

          Muddy business.

          Vintage design.

          A pause?



            On a nearby field the modern classes are competing.

            Back to the old stuff:

            I just had to play around a bit in Lightroom.

            A Fordson Major.



              Plow and measure.

              More measuring going on.



                Looking back.

                Easy go.

                That's all for now.
                In next part we'll see how the horses are doing.


                  This is a marathon photographic session, Tommi. I particularly enjoy #2.5 and 2.6, #4.4, 5.2 and 5.3 And I love the expression of intense concentration in #3.6
                  But who were the winners after all that?
                  I'm looking forward to seeing the horses.

                  "To thine own self be true.......
                  Thou canst not then be false to any man."


                    Great photos and atmosphere Tommi. We also have ploughing matches in this area, most of them were a couple of weeks ago. Great to see the old machines in action - a lot of the ploughing around here is now done by contractors with huge tractors worth huge amounts of money! I'm also looking forward to seeing the horses. Any traction engines at that match?




                      Great topic with endless varieties. All these tractors came up within less then 20 years, then most of the brands disappeared again. These are mostly different from what i see in my country - there were a lot of local manufactures with creative solutions and variety. It is great that you brought that up, Tommi.
                      Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                        Thank you all for your kind comments. As promised earlier, I now bring you the 2 horsepower league:



                          It seems to be very important to adjust the plow to achieve results.

                          You can just feel the importance here...



                            The horses were very calm and well behaved.

                            And big!

                            So, that was all pictures for this time!


                              Wow - but some beautiful four legged tractors in that collection! I always enjoy the fact that the carthorses were bred for temperament as well as strength, making these beauties extremely gentle giants. You've really captured that in these photos. Thanks for sharing with us.