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    Originally posted by ombugge View Post
    Mandatory Death Sentence for murder and drug trafficking is no longer as mandatory as before, but the use of death sentence in severe cases have wide support in Singapore.
    The law minister was asked by foreign press to define what amount of drugs will get Death penalty etc

    The minister smiled and said "we reserve the right to hang a person, if we find just cause"

    And went on to say that defining levels of crime with levels of punishment is what creates loopholes, like if you know it is 100gm to be hanged, the traffickers will bring in 99gm, and quote the same law to get excused from hanging !

    Works fine I guess

    And for other less known legal mystery in Singapore

    Say you get convicted for Rape/Molest/Robbery or over staying, and earned 3 caning, and you went and appealed, pray that your appeal passes.

    If it fails, the appeal court has in cases doubled the sentence to twice or more, in some cases, saying the lower court was not prudent in punishing an unrepentant criminal

    There was one guy who got 3 caning sentenced for proven drug consumption (yes, Drug consumption/repeat offenders can be subject to caning) and on his appeal, he got 6, and on his next appeal he got 9 and then to 12, before the Final appeal court had mercy on him and reduced (or discounted) it to 10 !!

    PS, one of the most comical quote, on Singapore, 100% wrong ! (no, you don't get your head chopped off for littering, or caned for littering, and caned for not finishing your food )

    I like that Singapore thing. You know – you get caught dropping litter you get your head chopped off. I'd have a bin on every street corner. If you're going to buy a doughnut, eat the f****** doughnut. Don't have a bite and then chuck it on the floor. Eat the f****** doughnut." –Noel Gallagher, GQ (U.K.), Oct. 2013


      The latest on the LKY saga is that he has stated in his will that the house he, his wife and family has stayed in since they got married shall be demolished after his death, or when his daughter who has been staying with him move out. (He never lived in the official PM's resident in the Istana grounds)

      He has stated several times before that he doesn't want it to be created into a monument or memorial, but a lot of people would like it to become just that.
      His daughter and and youngest son, who are appointed executors of his will has just released a statement that people should respect his wish and not try to press for anything else.

      The CNA report:
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        As mentioned above, LKY never stayed in the Istana, or more correctly Sri Temasek, the official PM residency, situated on the Istana ground:
        In fact non of the three PMs of Singapore so far has used it as their family residence, preferring to stay in their own homes.

        The Istana building itself is named as the official residence or the elected President of Singapore. It was originally built to house the Colonial Governour of Straits Settlements, when administration of the Settlements were transferred from Calcutta. ( Later the Crown Colony of Singapore):
        It is now used as the office of the President, Prime Minister and Senior Minister, as well as to host official dinners and functions for visiting dignitaries.
        I don't think any of the Presidents has regarded it as "home" either.

        It is apparently difficult for western media and others to understand that someone from a "third wold country" can be defacto "ruler" for over 30 years and not want to appoint himself "President for life", build himself a Palace and a "healthy" Swiss bank account. They should listen to the Eulogies and read the attributes to LKY by people who knew him, worked with him and was mentored by him.

        A local newspaper issued a special 80 page issue dedicated to his achievements and death:


          Ways to honour LKY without going against his values and his wishes was discussed in Parliament today.
          Here is the CNA report on the speech by PM Lee Hsien Loong:

          Even if you feel overloaded by posts about this man, please read this one by his eldest son.