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    There are creatures combining parts of various animals, often representing different elements, as in this part elephant part fish. I think it is a Kunchorn Waree, as it appeared to have only the front legs of an elephant (whereas a Waree Kunchorn has the whole body of an elephant with fish parts attached).

    If you have visited Thai temples there are many mythical creatures here that may be familiar, for example the half man half bird Garuda, the half woman half swan Kinnaree and its male equivalent, lions, and Naga serpent. The more one learns of the mythology and traditions the greater the appreciation of the art.



      There are 8 standing and as many as 32 kneeling devas - celestial beings - decorating the higher levels of the crematorium.


        Absolutely wonderful images of something that is no more.

        Within time, the value of such great images will only increase for their historical value. What you saw and experienced there, was something truly historic.
        With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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