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    Walking along beside one of canals I came to a narrow strip of park, and there, the colours bright in the sunlight, was what appeared to be some sort of shrine.

    I blinked ...was that sculpture below the canopy really what I thought it was? Fortunately there was a brown board nearby.
    Yes indeed - Pig Memorial.

    So I learned that it was built in 1913, the 50th birthday of a Queen, a wife of Rama V, who was born in the Chinese Year of the Pig. It has also become a popular shrine for people born in a pig year to make merit or to honour a family member born in a Year of the Pig.


      The So Sofitel hotel where I was staying had appropriately placed in my bedroom, next to an erudite book about Thai ceramics, just the thing for the end of such an enjoyable and stimulating day. Their little note reads:-
      Here's a cup of red rose calming tea
      for a good night’s sleep

      Sleep well everyone and sweet dreams ...more Thai Treats next Tuesday!


        Exploring Bangkok’s canals - a walk along Khlong Phadung Krung Kasem

        This canal was constructed in 1851 as a new outer moat around the growing city. Perhaps I'll provide a map sometime. I had started this thread expecting to post a photo a day of rather random images from around Thailand and from different visits since my first in 2010, but so far everything is from last November, 2017! I also seem to be following themes! In this case it was to be 'bridges', but as I was walking beside the canal rather than sailing on it, there was ample opportunity to notice other things along the way.

        I started my walk from Bangkok railway station (generally referred to as Hua Lamphong, although I think that is actually the name of the connecting MRT line).I'll put a couple of photos of the station in the appropriate thread when I've completed those from Yangon. With a Myanmar and a Serenissima thread on the go at the moment, perhaps this would be a good time to not write too much, but just let you enjoy the walk.



          This is the first bridge that I encountered and showed detail of in the previous picture.

          Continuing along a pleasant tree-lined section of canal, I reach Nopphawong Bridge at Luang Road, where I crossed to the other side..

          Another style of footbridge - this one is covered.



            Now for something more major – Kasat Suek Bridge., which is actually in two sections
            It is where Rama l Road crosses both the railway line and the canal.

            I ought to have made a detour to look at the railway line, but then I might have wanted to look down in both directions. That would entail returning to the pedestrian overpasses where this photo is taken from in order to cross the busy road to the opposite pavement and along again to the bridge section over the railway ...and then back again to the canal! Anyway, I’ve just been having a go on Google Street View!



              I think I’ve missed an opportunity in showing you this - I should have saved it for a "What place is this" competition as it certainly doesn't look as if it was taken a mere three and a half minutes later than the photo of the Bangkok traffic on Rama I Road!



                Now for something different again - a series of pedestrian bridges with market stalls on them! By the second bridge, market stalls are also lining the canal on both sides. This is Bobae Market, particularly famous for both retail and wholesale clothing and textiles.

                Well, I am still nowhere near the end of my canal walk, and on the basis of my intended one photo a day I have just posted 2 weeks worth! (This is actually a good thing to happen from time to time as I am way behind after a rather chaotic month.)

                Thai Treat Tuesday will continue the canal walk next week, but for now what better photo to leave you with than this delightful Minion outfit ...unfortunately not available in larger sizes that Captain or myself could squeeze into!



                  I have now reached a canal crossroads where Khlong Phadung Krung Kasem is intersected by Khlong Saen Saeb - a long canal which crosses Bangkok from west to east. The road I've been walking along has a bridge across this canal, and here are views from that bridge looking west.



                    Here I'm looking east from the bridge towards a corner where the two canals cross.


                      Continuing my walk along Krung Kasem Road, there are many fruit and vegetables stalls.

                      I liked this one selling pineapples.

                      One could also buy cut and prepared pineapple, and this girl was kept busy. Her speed and dexterity were impressive.