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  • Longtail !

    I do not know why but I LOVE longtail boats. It must be the idea of a simple wooden hull with a big old engine stuck on the back with nothing fancier than a long, straight shaft.

    In case anyone doesn't know I was on a cruise that spent two days in Bangkok. As usual I was up early and out looking for ships as we sailed up river. This was my first longtail. You could hear him coming long before he came into clear view. I assume coming back from a fishing trip with a round basket in the middle and one lone light on top of the engine. Unfortunately while in Bangkok I did not get up close to other boats like this one. I really wanted to get a close up look at the bow.

    In addition to the first this is one of the few "real" non tourist longtail boats I saw. We had a guide one day and I asked about the boats. Apparently everyone drives cars and scooters so the boats are mostly for tourists these days. Apparently some of the tourist boats will ferry locals early in the morning and late in the evening but other than that these cool boats are just for our tourist benefit.

    This was our boat coming in to pick my wife and I up for our "tourist" ride.

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    I can only imagine the trucks that are now missing their engines. I especially like the piece of PVC pipe on the turbo intake to keep it from sucking in exhaust.

    Then there is this boat. No safety guards here. I hope the operator doesn't slip back into the fan. What's really odd is... why keep the fan? There is no radiator to cool so why the fan?

    This engine is almost boring compared to the others but... how cool is a truck turbo diesel stuck on the transom like an outboard motor?


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      And to wrap up here is the last longtail I saw as we headed down river.

      And of course I had to get a photo of the engine. I can only imagine how hard it is to make a turn. It must take a lot of muscle to counter all that torque and I'm sure having the prop so far out from the pivot does not help.


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        Superb thread topic Pilotdane. I must remember to take engine detail piccies in future!


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          Excellent, I agree.... nothing beats the morning sounds and smells of fresh exhaust of these longtails....

          This would NEVER be allowed in Norway, so perhaps that is the reason why I also think they are awesome!
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            I was surprised by their sound. Even when a exhaust pipe or muffler is rusted out there is still a lot of pipe after the engine. On the longtail boats there was just a very short pipe after the turbo.

            I have absolutely no use for one but I want a longtail. Maybe I'll take the engine out of my truck and I can motor in tight circles on my pond terrifying the koi.