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Driving through the Golden Triangle

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    Driving through the Golden Triangle

    Driving through the Golden Triangle

    A long time ago - actually ten years already, I made one of the perhaps top five best round-trips in the Land Of Smiles.

    From Bangkok to Ubon Ratchathani and the following the Thai/Laos border - along the Mekhong River - as far as it was possible to do, all the way to Chieng Rai.... on roads paved with asphalt, on roads through the dense jungle, and on roads that no white man (or at least very few) have dared negotiate in the past. Passed through some of the most well-known areas in the Golden Triangle and met some very nice and some very scary people along the way.

    What an amazing trip it was, despite the scary parts.

    At one point in the deepest jungle far from "civilization", it could have gone really bad - but it didn't.

    I'm so glad I have done this trip - and I do plan on doing it again.

    The thread is opened with an image from Chieng Saen and the giant Lord Buddha by the Mekong River.

    With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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    Having only briefly visited a couple of those "most well-known areas in the Golden Triangle", I’'m delighted and excited that you feel like looking back over this iconic trip of yours from way back, when you did it the difficult way. I remember how you mentioned that trip on old forum, back then when I probably had rather superficial appreciation of it compared with what I will now when your story unfolds.

    I'm also delighted that, although you surely feel your photography has evolved considerably through that decade, you are still glad to share your images from that time. Your style was always something special, and today is, to use a favourite phrase of mine, “the same but different”. This is one serene, calming and contemplative image, and a recurring motif with which you certainly inspired me (both photographically and spiritually).