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Happy Norwegian Constitution Day on May 17th to all Norwegians!

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    Happy Norwegian Constitution Day on May 17th to all Norwegians!

    Happy Constitution Day to all my Norwegian CVSibs!! Hope y'all have LOTS of celebrating-great music, good food, friends and family around--

    ENJOY THE DAY AND TAKE PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Cheers! Elizabeth

    And on top of it all, (I don't know if you folks over there in the US have ever heard of it), Norway won the Eurovision Song Contest (Melody Grand Prix) in a contest of 42 countries and 25 in the finale tonight...!

    Thank you, and yes..., I guess I will take some pictures on the 17th May


      Happy May 17. Looks like spring has arrived, so you can celebrate with great weather.



        Greetings from Singapore.
        Happy National Day, (17de Mai). Hope the weather is good throughout the country today.

        Congratulation with the Eurovision Melody Grand Prix win as well. Now Norway has made history, winning by the largest margin ever and having the most entries gaining Zero point earlier. (Life has its ups and downs)

        The there is the other big Norwegian day tomorrow, known as "hangover day".
        I wish all Norwegian CV members a speedy recovery.


          A Very Happy 17 May to all my Norwegian CV friends.

          Norwegians here in Edinburgh are also celebrating! I have to confess that I didn’t get up early enough this morning to get across to the other side of town and climb up our local “mountain”, called Arthur’s Seat, where Norwegian students will have planted a Norwegian flag on the summit!

          Later in the day there is usually a procession along our main street – Princes street. It has a similarity to part of Karl Johans Gate in Oslo in having buildings on just one side and gardens on the other. They stop the traffic to allow the Norwegians to have a procession along it! But not this year. Edinburgh is like a big chaotic building site at the moment because of the work in connection with re-introducing a tram route through the centre. (Actually this opportunity is being used to replace all the utilities – old water mains, gas, electricity – and the work will take at least another year to complete.)
          So the Norwegians will gather in another place in the Old Town, and then later there will be games for children in the gardens, speeches, a dinner in the evening, and so on all day long.

          Perhaps I will catch up with some of the celebrations later and take some photos, but if not I will at least find one from a previous year for the Celebration theme of the photo competition!


            HURRA med 17. mai-

            and congratulations also to winning the Eurovision Song Contest, a beautiful song.

            The 17th May in Oslo- that is my biggest dream to come one day to Oslo and to stand before the Royal Palace. Dreams are there to become reality someday, maybe it works sometime ...
            I wish you all in Norway a happy day!!!

            Greetings Doris


              Celebrations and flags on Hurtigruten ships . . .

              and on Fram in the cloudy Shetlands!:


                Originally posted by Seagull View Post
                Celebrations and flags on Hurtigruten ships . . .

                Which leads to the question, where is Hurtigruten here?


                  I really MUST get a Norwegian flag to fly at my house for NEXT year!!!!

                  Doris, your photo of the cake with strawberries and blueberries is TOO wonderful!!!

                  Pakarang--and you were worried with no photos for the competition.....everyone was just waiting for THE day!!!!!!

                  Ombugge- I LOVE the "other national day"---


                    The norwegian Google- site today:



                      Norwegian Constitution Day celebrations in Edinburgh, Scotland.

                      This year the procession starts in Parliament Square in Edinburgh’s Old Town.
                      The band starts to assemble . . .

                      . . . some instruments are more challenging than others!

                      Making their way past the tourist crowds, people start to arrive to participate in the procession.

                      Admiring the banner of the Norwegian-Scottish Association – a proud moment for the flag bearers at the front of the procession.

                      Edinburgh citizens and tourists line the Royal Mile as the procession sets off.



                        As the procession winds its way down to the historic Grassmarket below the castle, a sightseeing tour gets an unexpected grandstand view!

                        Eventually reaching West Princes Street Gardens, everyone gathers in front of the Norwegian Memorial Stone where a wreath will be laid.

                        It’s a very special day for the whole family!

                        Many linger in the gardens and enjoy the sunshine, before leaving to attend parties, dinners and other functions later this evening.


                          Bunader and kilts in the same photo. Never know what you're gonna see on Captain's Voyage....

                          The photo of the wee one looking back at the stone and wreath is adorable!!!!!!!


                            Wonderful surprise to see those great images ! A big thank you for bringing them to us!
                            With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

                            Administrator and Owner of CaptainsVoyage.
                            Main page:

                            Surround yourself with positive, ethical people who are committed to excellence.


                              Wonderful images from all.... now, I guess the Captain will have to walk the plank for not posting these images before now... but they were just 'forgotten' (so very unlike me to forget something like this)...

                              Hopefully, I'll be able to hold my breath for the whole keelhauling... or maybe nobody even noticed that I posted these a bit late...

                              Finnmarken in Geiranger:

                              Not sure which one...:

                              In Trondheim: Nordlys on south I remember:

                              And in Honningsvåg, Lofoten came in WITHOUT the decoration flags...

                              With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

                              Administrator and Owner of CaptainsVoyage.
                              Main page:

                              Surround yourself with positive, ethical people who are committed to excellence.