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This is Hjorundfjorden and surroundings

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    This is Hjorundfjorden and surroundings

    With the new found interest in this fjord, and not to infringe on the Hurtigruten thread, I thought it deserves it's own thread.

    I have posted several pictures from there in another thread earlier. (Best Fjord in Norway), which has been referred to several times in Sigve's thread.

    This was from a good weather trip and some of the pictures can bear being repeated here in this dedicated thread. (As can Sigve's pictures)

    Leaving Saebo by car ferry:

    Heading across the fjord to Leknes.

    Looking further into the fjord:

    Looking out towards the mouth of the fjord:

    Looking back to Saebo and Bondalen:

    Looking towards Urke and Oye, with the mountain Slogen prominent on the right side of the picture:

    Here is Slogen in a winter view taken from the web:
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    Re: This is Hjorundfjorden and surroundings

    From another crossing in not so bright and sunny conditions:

    Leaving Leknes and heading towards Urke and Oye:

    Slogen is again prominent in the picture.


      Re: This is Hjorundfjorden and surroundings

      The profile of the surrounding mountains is rugged:

      Oye is the main village in this part of Hjorundfjorden:

      With a nice guest harbour for those arriving by own boat:

      Oye is situated at the bottom of this arm of the fjord and directly under Slogen:


        Re: This is Hjorundfjorden and surroundings

        The main attraction at Oye is the Union Hotel:

        As viewed from the garden:

        In good weather you can take your Coffee/Tea and cake in the garden:


          Re: This is Hjorundfjorden and surroundings

          The interior is very traditional, with each room having different decor and named up after famous persons who have spent a night or more in them.

          Here from the lounge:

          With a real wood burning fire place:

          As all self-respecting hotels of this age, they have their very own ghost. (Sorry, no picture of the Ghost)


            Re: This is Hjorundfjorden and surroundings

            Leaving Oye we head into Norangsdalen:

            Said to be the "Wildest valley in Norway".

            It is difficult to make an impression of what a trip through this valley is like with a few picture:

            In the valley is a lake that was formed from a stone fall a long time ago, which flooded a "Saeter". The foundations of a few houses can still be seen when conditions are right:

            You need a bit of imagination to see anything here.


              Re: This is Hjorundfjorden and surroundings

              At the other end of the valley id Hellesylt, which is better known CVF members.

              Modern houses cling to the mountain side:

              And the water fall in Hellesylt is among the most photographed:

              Other attractions are within a short distance from Hjorundfjorden, but more on that later.


                Re: This is Hjorundfjorden and surroundings

                Thank you for opening this thread, which enlights the place for us "foreigners". It is very special to see interior pictures of the Union Hotel! Such a nice place. Oh, and what a nice old BMW in #4/2, remembered me, i owned such one for a summer, it costed just 200DM and was of course in much worser condition as this one. But we sold it again as winter car to a biker and even earned some Deutschmarks...
                Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11