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  • This is Stavanger

    I might be blind, but since I can't find such a thread, and I've just returned from two great days in Stavanger...., I'll start one myself.
    I stayed a couple of nights at Thon Hotel Maritime in Kongsgata, and right across the Breiavatne pond, was Radisson SAS. This picture was taken from the Thon entrance/exit to the street.

    As I walked around Breiavatne, I took different pictures, and here's Thon

    I find it easy to include some parts of a tree whenever it should be appropriate

    Don't know exactly what these old houses are called, but they are in connection with the beautiful Stavanger Domkirke

    I'm heading out to the square and open space in front of Vågen, but first I just have to take more pictures including Breiavatne


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    Re: This is Stavanger

    The fountain in the middle of Breiavatne

    Then it was out in the square and heading down to Vågen and it's boats and ships...., (you know me)
    We see Alexander Kielland on the column there

    Then we have the strangest ferry, the catamaran STAVANGER, able to take on board 114 cars and 393 passengers.
    Moored there is also the green beautiful SANDNES and several offshore vessels.

    I don't feel like jumping from thread to thread just because I have a picture or two different from the others and that thei might fit in other places, so please bare with me that I post my days in Stavanger in the Stavanger thread.
    So..., here we go with the old SANDNES

    (I have some more, among them a couple of detail shots, but I have yet to edit them)


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      Re: This is Stavanger

      I can't get over how ugly this creature is....

      Vågen in Stavanger

      EDDA FRIGG moored on the Vågens west side

      As we walked along the quay on the east side, I suddenly spotted the old D/S (S/S) ROGALAND. Beautiful!

      Then, as I walked back to the hotel, I decided to walk via the old town and into an area reminding me of Portobello Road, Notting Hill in London.
      (Not exactly this image, but we're getting there)


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        Re: This is Stavanger

        Such great pictures, Sterkoder, especially sitting more than 1.500km more south, looking out at the window.... and facing 10cm of snow, which came during Saturday night. I can't wait for more, telling me, that it is not completely winter yet.
        Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


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          Re: This is Stavanger

          Small cosy shops, bars and cafes everywhere

          Well, this concludes my first load of pictures from my week-end in the most beautiful city.
          Be patient...., the thread will be continued!

          Special message to Ralf:
          I'll get back to your question about how to sail on board SANDNES and stuff (as you asked on FB)
          Last edited by Sterkoder; October 29th, 2012, 17:29.


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            Re: This is Stavanger

            An awesome trip report... stunning images from a great city.

            I can never get enough of the green ship Sandnes, and I totally agree with you on the ferry Stavanger... what were they thinking?

            I think it was Stavanger I used to cross from Moss to Horten this summer. Not impressed with her at all. But, as all ferries these days, built according to a tender.

            Interesting to see the veteran Rogaland together with the much more modern Bourbon Clear. What an amazing difference in design!
            With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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              Re: This is Stavanger

              That seems to be a really nice afternoon in Stavanger.


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                Re: This is Stavanger

                Thank you so much for kind words folks!

                I had a great couple of days there, but to be honest, I was not there by myself.

                My emloyer was about to celebrate the grand opening of a new building at the oil service base at Tananger, and in conjunction to that, they decided to have an annual party gathering all the employees on all service bases in Norway. We were about 300 people at the party, but wandering around in the city, I walked partially alone, partially with my better half.

                Well, let me continue then, with some images of Stavanger Domkirke, a beautiful stone church from 1135.

                Details from the top of the south wall, between the two towers


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                  Re: This is Stavanger

                  To me, it's rather amazing how they managed to build such churches in 11-, 12- or 1300s without the tools and cranes we have today.
                  In fact, I wonder if we actually were able to build an exact replica without using hundreds of engineers, and a long, long time.

                  From the east wall, we see the sun through the western windows

                  Then there's the north wall and main entrance.
                  The small pedestals with posters outside say that Mozarts Requiem would be performed 3. and 4. November at 19:30 and 18:00.
                  Had I only had the time and money to be there!!!!
                  Have you ever really set down to listen to the complete Requiem of Mozart?? If not...., it's your loss guys....., your loss....

                  Remember the Nokas robbery?
                  It was down this street, and just outside the entrance to Thon Hotel Maritime that the police command car was fired upon, sadly killing the police officer Arne Sigve Klungland.
                  In fact one of the robbers was acting so cowardly that he shot officer Klungland as he was actually backing his command car out of the hot situation. Kind of a strange feeling to walk where such a dramatic event took place....

                  Then, we're back in the Vågen area

                  On the west side of Vågen, the road turning looks like this. Even a road is made cosy...
                  The yellow building there is gallery Sult. I did never get inside.

                  From the Vågens west side, looking somewhat south, the square looks like this


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                    Re: This is Stavanger

                    What that sculpture on the Vågen square is suppose to be..., I honestly don't know. I haven't Googled it yet.

                    The square. As you see, there's no need for modern buildings to sell burgers...
                    The old bus there, belive it was a REO, is a hot-dog stand for those who want a night time snack during the week-end

                    Alexander Kielland on the column in front of the church

                    The square as seen from the church

                    And again, a part of those old wooden buildings connected to the church in one way or the other.
                    "IF GOD COULD MAKE ANGELS...., WHY IN HELL MAKE MAN?"


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                      Re: This is Stavanger

                      We have Morris Minis driving up walls here. Damn good tires, I suppose...!

                      Then, back to more images of SANDNES. Hope you like them, Jan-Olav!

                      "IF GOD COULD MAKE ANGELS...., WHY IN HELL MAKE MAN?"


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                        Re: This is Stavanger

                        One more of the ferry, and now we can really see how wide this thing is...

                        And a vessel I haven't seen before (or have I....? There's so many offshore vessels now I have a hard time keeping score), ISLAND CRUSADER

                        Who would've guessed I could get Stavanger and Sandnes within one single frame without going up in a plane...? (Haha)

                        This concludes my Stavanger images, as due to arrangements Saturday, we had limited time free on our hands to do other things (among them photography).
                        To anyone planning to go to Stavanger purely on a holiday, I recommend that you stay there for at least three days, if not four.
                        There were so many places we did not explore, among them the oil and gas museum.

                        As for sailing on board SANDNES, it seems like they are renting the vessel out to companies, events, group arrangements or any other charter.
                        It also seems like you can rent a cabin, just as you do a hotel room, while the ship is moored alongside the quay.

                        Please log in to their home page at and specially in the price/sailing info page

                        There are also contact info on their pages, and since it's only in Norwegian, feel free to ask about any translation and I or any other able member will most surely try to answer.

                        One major thing I understand from reading the Sandnes-pages is;
                        Wow..., must operating such a vessel be expencive!!!!
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                        "IF GOD COULD MAKE ANGELS...., WHY IN HELL MAKE MAN?"


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                          Re: This is Stavanger

                          Elsewhere pakarang talked of settling down with a big cup of coffee to enjoy a trip report, and here I am doing the same. I saw you’d been in Stavanger, Sterkoder , but only just had chance to look properly.
                          You’re right, we didn’t have a thread before. I’ve only been in Stavanger once (plus changing flights between Aberdeen and Bergen in 2003), absolutely ages, decades, ago on a work trip, and had probably less than an hour to look around. But I immediately recognise the lake and the Radisson (then SAS) hotel in your first photo. I also remember that row of restaurants and suchlike on #9/4 (but not the sculpture). The other thing I did was to walk a little way down a street of white wooden houses. Maybe this was in the old town. But I certainly didn’t see your colourful area that reminded you of Notting Hill. I wonder for how long that part of the town has had that lively aspect.

                          I like many ways you used trees in or framing your views, and of course there is also the autumn colour aspect as in the delightful #1/4 (and I love the cropping or aspect ratio of that image very much).

                          Ummm yes I too will pass on Stavanger and move hastily on to Sandnes and Rogaland!

                          I always think that as well as ships, photographs of churches are a Sterkoder speciality, and I thought that again, looking at the ones of the Domkirke. Especially I lingered over the door of #8/5, that fine ecclesiastical fellow looking down from the next photo, and the stonework, blue in the shadow and with the green light filtering through the window of #9/1.

                          Nice comment about not needing a modern building to sell burgers –there is a McDonalds in Bergen that is appealing for the same reason. I bet the food from the stand is tasty though! Such a fine statue of Kielland – I like his top hat and caped coat and collars (the bust of him in Molde is kind of over-dominated by the moustache!)
                          Ah another wonderful use of the overhanging trees in the composition of #10/6.

                          I’ve enjoyed your images so much. Only one complaint – you have shown me round so well that now there is yet another place where I want to go and spend more time!


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                            Re: This is Stavanger

                            Originally posted by Sterkoder View Post
                            Special message to Ralf:
                            I'll get back to your question about how to sail on board SANDNES and stuff (as you asked on FB)
                            I was very surprised and checked FB what i did ask and foud out, it was actually Rob's (Captain RJ) question!
                            But thank you anyhow for the answer, which of course found also my great interest!
                            Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


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                              Re: This is Stavanger

                              Originally posted by Ralf__ View Post
                     was actually Rob's (Captain RJ) question!
                              But thank you anyhow for the answer, which of course found also my great interest!
                              Ralf, I sent Rob a message this morning with a link to the info in #12.

                              Svein, Rob had asked me about Sandnes, but I did not know at that point that you were going to visit Stavanger!