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    That is one extremely beautiful boat. I remember the excitement when Norge turned up unexpectedly in Honningsvåg during our trip in 2011. Great photos Yves - really unusual to see photos of her somewhere outside Scandinavian waters.

    Perhaps if you had time it would be worth posting a few in her own thread:



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      It's done Mark.By the way I watched on your meeting with her,"at the very top".Great!

    Last week, exhibition at the Conseil Regional de Basse Normandie.




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        11- Rabot tourism Nordland.
        36-39- Gullesfjord weight control station Troms.
        43- Split house Asker.

      Yves, you have me staring at these images trying my very hardest to relate the designs to the general architectural solutions to which they are addressed.
      No. 11 annoyed me. The first picture seemed, as I discovered later, to be showing an incomplete structure as the section to the right does not appear. But, as seen, my fancy was that it was combining a picture frame with perhaps a telescope shape looking out to the right! I looked at your next photo and saw the complete diagrammatic view. Then the third one showed what was presumably an adaptable room scheme.
      OK, still very dubious, but I had to find out more about Rabot. First one up when I Googled was this: Coincidence! And now I love it. It blends into the background well, and is attractive in its own right.
      The first pic. in #63 I just don't get. Why would one build actually straddling a hilltop, and is it a private house (surely not) or ....? I wondered whether it was part of the weight control set. Facetiously I decided that if one side succumbed to excess accumulation of snow on the roof because of wind direction, then the other would survive. Then I slapped myself on the wrist and said - "Be serious, Ivy".
      Of the following two images, I don't see that the roof shape is any improvement on the usual single plane shape. And wouldn't the living roof style add to the weight, especially combined with a heavy snowfall?
      The last one - no. Me no like as it's too stark, at least it is seen from that angle. And is that a small balcony at the left? If so, it seems very fragile against the rest of the house.
      Now come on Yves, you present this interesting display - what are your views????


      "To thine own self be true.......
      Thou canst not then be false to any man."


      • yvneac
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        I am affraid I have not pertinent views Ivy.
        In fact, I was at the Conseil Regional for my job when I came upon this exhibition so, since you teach me I always must post my experiences on CVF, I went to my car to catch my camera and make pictures after the meeting.All in the hurry!
        I like this kind of architecture, in the respect of nature, using strange angles and original shapes.
        If you go to you are able to see the Asker house in its environment,and a lot more....
        And of course thank you for your link.
        PS Unfortunatly,the exhibition was very poor on comments.It would have been better to visit with a guide.

      • Sigve
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        The #63/1 looks like the entrance to a park or a public facility of some kind, where you pay your entrance fee, maybe a service entrance, toilets, etc....

      If we have not a sudden plague epidemic in Normandy or a big fall of meteorites on Caen until holidays time I will be in Norway next July.
      Here is the plan.
      20/7 Direct fly Paris-Bergen. One night there at Holberg Hotel.
      21/7-24/7 Onboard MS Trollfjord from Bergen to Svolvaer.
      24/7-28/7 North Lofoten. Anker Brygge (near Hurtigruten terminal).
      28/7-31/7 South Lofoten. Eliassen Rorbuer in Reine.
      31/7 Fly Leknes-Oslo.
      31/7-3/8. Oslo Thon Opera.
      3/8 Oslo-Paris.
      When in Lofoten I’ll have to hire a car. Don’t know if I must book now or do it on the spot. What do you think?


      • Seagull
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        Oh what a shame, I will miss you in Bergen by a day! I'll be in Olden aboard MV Azores on the 21st, and in Bergen on the 22nd before heading back to Hull.

      • yvneac
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        Zut alors.Next time we'll try to be synchronous...

      24th edition of the Boréales.Expected authors.


        A Norwegian satirical writer who apparently have spent a bit of time in France (not Normandy) likes to make comments on France in general and about present French political conditions especially:

        He is also writing about the good life in Vence, (near Nice) where he spent all of 11 days:

        PS> I do not intend to put on my tin hat. I just post these links without an opinion of my own.


        • yvneac
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          No need to put a tin hat, I don't use the frying pan argument!
          Just one thing: I'd tell to this distinguished Norwegian writer(?) that we see only that we want to see.

        • ombugge
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          He is a professional writer of satire, I believe. As such his "opinions" are not necessarily to be taken serious, but have to contain a grain of truth to be accepted as good satire. (Refr. Charlie Hebdo)

        Great exhibition of Frits Thaulow at Fine Arts Museum in Caen


          The question of the origin of Rollo is still not solved:

          Of course we Sunnmoringa know where he came from:. GISKE!! (Or maybe Vigra?)


            Google translation from Norwegian to French is quite double Dutch!
            ​Anyway Ombugge, last time I met Rollon he confirmed he was from Giske.
            ​You may tell it to the local journalists.


              Herbjorg Wassmo was in Caen last week end for Les Boréales.