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    I understand your sarcasm, Ralf.

    To add to my first post, here's what the British comedian Ricky Gervais say about the matter:
    "Let's get too close to a polar bear in the bears natural environment, and if the bear comes too close, we kill it!" (He also add "idiots", but I let that be his word. I would've used a much stronger one).

    When there are only about 25.000 polar bears left on the entire globe (zoo individs included), we need each and every one of our polar bears.


      At first when I heard this news, I didn't read about this being on a cruise, but when I read more about it, I realised more of the story.

      And my sentiments are exactly the same as all of you: it's an utter tragedy that an almost extinct (or being sent to extinction) polarbaer, had to pay with his life because he was just "hungry", by someone who really shouldn't be there at all.

      I seem to remember from my own trips down to Antarctica, that there was a significant difference between ships that SAILED the area, and ships that ACTUALLY SET PEOPLE ashore. The cruises that sent people ashore was taxed significantly higher, and had to pass some pretty serious preparations such as stricter regulations, requirements and training.

      As Ralf says, when these sometimes massive ships all come together on a small town, being it Bergen, Svalbard or Venice, the environmental impact is MASSIVE.

      Heavier and stricter regulation must be imposed on cruise lines and there must be a clear study on what the maximum allowable number of guests per day in any port.

      I fear that this polar bear slaughter is not the last one done in the name of wealthy (because these are not cheap cruises) cruise guests experiences.
      With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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        I went to Antarctica in 2002 on a very small vessel (smaller than Lofoten!) and there was very little trouble with high seas but some of the passengers were noisy onshore and scared quite a lot of animals (except the seal elephants who snorted loudly and scattered quite a few of them). Appropriate behaviour should always with wild animals because we are encroaching on their only territory they know. On this particular voyage there was this tour leader who just loved showing off (I am NOT being unkind!) and running off for 2 hours to climb a tall hill (didn't qualify as a mountain!) and abandoning his "flock" on a a snowy beach full of - well, nothing. I was so disappointed with his silliness and lack of safety in zodiacs (no bailers, no ropes and no aquaplaning returning to the ship, so we all got quite wet!!!) I wrote to the company and they responded with a very nice letter offering 50% off the next voyage. We actually felt quite let down, in a harsh environment. OK enough whingeing.....Antarctica otherwise was great!