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    The road to the top of Dalsnips has been opened:

    Up to 12 m. high snow banks should be a spectacular sight. With nice warm weather expected this Saturday it MAY be worth a trip:


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      Will there be a stair up on the 12m bank, so that you are able to see anything else than the snow bank????

    No stairs and they did say UP TO 12m. not all the way. We didn't see any that high though, but there were some fairly high embankment in places when we drow up to Dalsnipa this last Saturday:

    Here from somewhere were it was actually possible to stop without blocking traffic:

    The equipment to clear away any blockage from late avalanches are standing by near Djupvasshytta:


      Impressive Ombugge. I see that there's still Kolonnekjøring between Skarsvåg and Nordkapp today, winter wheels only - I guess that very few Norwegians still have their winter wheels on?



      • ombugge
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        Yes Norway is a LOOOONG country with varied weather from North to South v.v.
        I still remember flying from Sandnessjoen to Stavanger one spring in beautiful weather. At the start it was very early spring, with snow patches down to sea level. When we got to Stavanger there were people mowing the lawn for the second time that year.

        BTW; I was surprised to hear the sound of someone driving past with "piggdekk" (Spiked tires) still on today, right here in Aalesund.

      I would love you all to not miss this interesting travel video from Geiranger in the 1950's....
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        It is not only "The Wave" that is a worry in Geiranger:

        The picture associated with this article also highlight another problem, which is being discussed in another thread, pollution from the many cruise ships that visit Geiranger during the summer months. Some are old and worn and do not meet the latest standard for emission.


          It is that time of the year when Geiranger wake up from months of quiet to a "mini-metropolis", with traffic chaos and all the illes that follows with it.
          But Geiranger has more to offer than most thinks, at least according to this article in


            A bus has blocked the road to/from Geiranger:
            Two large cruise ship in the fjord should guarantee a lot of frustration.


              A new service to/from Geiranger - Aalesund: