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Danger from tourism in Norway

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    Danger from tourism in Norway

    Every year tourists and some locals gets hurt or die when enjoying the spectacular nature in Norway.
    Usually this is caused by ignorance, or from not following warnings, ignoring signs and safety fences etc.:

    You cannot fence off everything that may be dangerous, or have guards to keep people from endangering their own safety.

    At least nobody was near this stone fall in Tafjorden this morning:
    No tsunami either.


      This is an interesting topic actually, yet so little attention is paid to it.

      I guess it's the same for many other tourists in other countries: such as Norwegians involved in motorcycle accidents in for example Thailand.

      Perhaps there are no difference, but many tourists in Norway does not take into account our climate and our changing landscapes. Flip-flops on mountain hikes for example.
      With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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