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    Sunnmore Museum

    Sunnmore Museum administrate several institutions in Sunnmore:
    I think that it deserves it's own thread.

    I haven't been to many of their sites yet, but we are frequent visitors to the best known one, the open air museum in Borgundgavelen and their collection of boats.
    Pictures from there has been featured on CVF several time. No plans of moving previous post to this one, so this is a fresh start.

    ​Let us start with one that identify where we are:

    Followed by the veteran boats tied up at their marina:

    The most famous one is probably the "Helland", which was used to carry refugees from Norway to Shetland and saboteurs and weapons the other way during the war:


    In this space the crew of 8-10 lived, slept and ate, both before, during and after the war:

    Sorry, no detailed pictures from below deck.

    A little treat for those who like the sound of an old Heimdal semi-diesel:
    Longer version for those specially interested:

    My own video, but without the sound of music (for some) Helland and Borgundknarren heading home:

    Maybe the second most famous boat in their collection is a replica of a trading boat from the viking age, Borgundknarren.
    Seen here rigged and ready for the summer season:

    And a few days ago, rigged down for the winter:


    • ombugge
      ombugge commented
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      Some info on the Helland from War
      M/K Heland (M 5 V)
      According to the website that I've linked to below, Heland was built by Einar Helland, Vestnes in Møre og Romsdal in 1937 for Severin, Arne A. Roald and Olaf Røssvik. Used for fishing herring, cod and small whales in the North Sea, the Baltic, near Jan Mayen and Iceland.
      Left Vigra on Febr. 25-1942 with 23 people, and arrived Lerwick on the 27th. On board was Trygve Rypdal, the head of the Milorg organization in the district, and his family. This vessel had previously made 2 voyages to Shetland for SOE and Milorg (the first one in Nov.-1941 - see M/B Per).

      This particular voyage came about on very short notice due to the many arrests initiated by the Gestapo and Henry Rinnan in connection with all the escapes that had taken place (about 50 people were arrested, 21 executed).

      On board were:
      Olaf Håhjem, Johan Hagbart Molnes, Nils Johan Molnes, Sverre Johan Molnes, Harald Peter Ratvik, Arne Ottar Roald, Arnfinn Sevrin Roald, Bjarne Jon Roald, Harald Gunnar Roald, Inga Emilie Roald, Jon Bernt Andersen Roald, Karl Johan Roald, Sevrin Olav Roald, Sverre Normann Roald, Arnfinn Oddmund Roaldsnes, Karl Sigvart Roaldsnes, Arild Rypdal (born 1934), Sylvi Rypdal, Trygve Rypdal (1938), Trygve Stein Rypdal, Jakob Peder Rørvik, Bernt Skodje, and Jakob Skodje.

      Related external link:
      List of Norwegian vessels - Scroll down to H. This site says she was stationed at Scalloway in 1943, as "reserve vessel", adding that she was somewhat rebuilt after the war. In 1960 her Håhjem motor was replaced by a 130 Hp Heimdal. She was condemned in 1971, but taken over by Sunnmøre Museum that same year, and is to be preserved as a typical representative of the fishing fleet in the period 1930-1960, and as a representative of the Shetland Busses.

    • ombugge
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      The link quoted above:
      M/B Per
      I get the understanding this was simply a cover name for M/K Heland. The vessel departed Ålesund on Nov. 4-1941, arriving Lerwick on the 7th, after having encountered a horrendous storm (this was the storm in which Blia went down). Heland later returned to Norway and continued fishing - follow link to Heland for further developments.
      The following came along in Nov.-1941.
      Skipper Severin Roald, Karl Johan Åarsæther, Åsmund Wisløff (Both Kompani Linge agents?), Odd Berset and Børge Johan Petersen.

    More to follow soon.


    • Tommi
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      Looking forward to that! Nice pictures!

    • nari
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      Love the sound of that engine on the Heland! Long may she sail.

    More boat at the Marina:

    Two Colin Archer replicas is in private ownership:

    This one is in need of some attention.

    A better maintained version:

    It is for sale, if anybody is interested:

    I know nothing about this one, but it looked well maintained:

    An old fishing boat of traditional type and of unknown background (to me):


      Here is newcomer since my last visit:

      Some details, starting from the stern:

      View into the wheel house:


        The "coastal exhibits" reflected in the calm waters of a nice autumn day:

        Nice view from the entrance road towards the mountains on a clear calm day:


        • yvneac
          yvneac commented
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          Those photos are a delight. A great Aalesund feeling. Thank you for sharing

        More reflections at Sunnmore Museum on a cloudy but calm day:


          OK, back to coastal village:

          An old semi-diesel similar to the one installed on the Helland, but this has one cylinder only:

          Bus Garage from Spjelkavika:

          I can actually remember this one from my young days.


            A house that could actually be lived in:

            The amenities are under renovation:

            View from the back:

            The main building seen from up the hill:

            That is it for now.


            • nari
              nari commented
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              Great photos, ombugge.

            • Tommi
              Tommi commented
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              Nice to see.
              And it feels like the quality of your photography also is getting better and better!

            What a beautiful collection of images. Those pictures of Heland took me back to when I was in Bergen and found the WW2 Resistance Movement's secret room, occupied by the Theta group.
            Your photos showing those reflections are just perfect, lovely scenes.

            "To thine own self be true.......
            Thou canst not then be false to any man."


              I can see that there has come more to see at the museum in the recent years.

              Soon time for a visit.

              If at first you don’t succeed, skydiving is not for you...


                Beautiful report. Have that to count in for a future trip some day.
                Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                  Another walk in the Sunnmore Museum grounds on a nice clear but COLD day.
                  More reflections, but this time with a difference:

                  A bit of open water reflects the mountains and sky in the background:

                  Winter is here!!!


                    Huuh, ice! Hope this will take a while until that comes down to us also. But today we have also only +2°C, so not far...
                    Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                      It has been a while since posted anything in this thread. Time to do something about it.
                      Here is from a walk a couple of days ago to see a "new" veteran boat that arrived at Sunnmore Museum a few weeks ago. (See the veteran boat thread)
                      Here she is:

                      But there are other boats tied up at their "marina" as well. Some is featured here earlier and some are still with their winter cover on:

                      A Collin Archer replica that appears to be in good shape:

                      But needs a "haircut" before going anywhere serious:

                      This is a typical "Dekksbaat" from days passed:

                      Not sure if this indicate original building year: