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    Not much snow to be seen on the mountains after this hot spell:

    But roses are thriving:

    As is the beach-like stone garden near the bus station:

    I presume somebody have been watering the plants, since there have hardly been any rain for a month.


      No need for fire in the fireplace either:

      Nature reclaim it's rights:


        That's some nice eeryday photos, thank you for updating us ombugge!


          Joachim Ronneberg of Telemark action renown has died 99 years old:

          An article in English:

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            The death of Joachim Ronneberg has been noted worldwide. Here is a BBC article about him:
            And an interview done with him at the 70th anniversary of the Gunnerside action in 2013:


              Flowers are being put around the statue of Joachim Ronneberg at the Raadhuset Plaza in Aalesund:

              The statue was put up on his 95th birthday, after he had finally agreed. He insisted that the name of ALL participants in the actions he had been part of during the war was included.


                May he rest in eternal peace and may his actions never be forgotten in the future.
                With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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                  The first bath of the year The traditional New Year's bath at Tueneset came off the pile for tenth time today. MartinÅrseth
                  Job Bakker has been an organizer from the first bath, together with Gert Jan-Brink, Linda Eidset and Barry Lower. They have taken a Dutch tradition from the 1960s to Sunnmøre, namely to bathe on New Year's Day. This year there were 31 bathers, a little less than usual. In the top year they had about 75 bathers. - It's probably a little fewer this year because of the weather, says Bakker. After the bath, they got served hot soup and a bonfire to warm up.


                    It is that time of the year again and the inevitable "Bybrann remembrance" in Aalesund.
                    This year it started with a light show in Brosundet.(Behind paywall. Google translate)
                    Precisely 19.04 (what else?) "Brosundet burns" in motion. Ålesund Sentrumsforening in two-span with Fuglefjellet has made a great performance. It begins with intensely drumming flame dancing on records from Hellebroa and further north on the Aspøy side of Ålesundet.

                    Simple, powerful images are projected on the hotel wall and the narrator's voice allows a couple of three selected fates to portray the course of the fire. Carefully dramatic music builds on everything. In the course of twenty minutes, this educational short version is served.

                    The fireworks? It lights up on three small barges in the middle of Ålesundet. With Rossini in the sausage: Just over two minutes of gunpowder art adapted to the Wilhelm Tell superstition. Wasn't that the guy who shot the arrow through the apple on his son's head? And won the freedom? Same thing: The happening "Brosundet burner" also hits the spot.

                    Saturday, the city fire weekend continues with agent activities in Ålesund church, patterning of the fire department at Queen Sonja's place, dance show with Bjørnis, children's and family migration first and then regular city fire night to Sunday.
                    An interactive presentation in is also inevitable these days: