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    The snow is melting in the mountains:


      Aalesund is dressed for 17.May, incl. the old Borgund Sparebank building:

      And NMK:

      More modestly at our block:

      Our flag was out as well:


        Aalesund on a sunny day in May:

        With two cruise ships in town. (From

        And Aalesund at midnight in May:

        (From Aalesund Havn webcam)

        And at midnight from a different venue:


          Nice look out point for sunset in Ålesund... is that on the "sea-side" of Ålesund Maritime Museum?

          In fact, I have never been to that museum - even though I have been many times to the city! I need to make an extra effort to visit the museum in the future.
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            Yes it is on the north side of Grimmerhaugen. where Aalesund Museum is situated. (Not only maritime items exhibited)

          Slinningsbaalet is raising:

          Latest news on the progress and plans for the year:
          PS> No new World Record in the planning.


            It is SUMMER!!!! in Aalesund:

            The trees that was stripped for the winter is coming back to life again:

            There should be plenty of apples for tourist to pick in the middle of town come autumn:

            Probably not too many tourists getting this far, but if this is a fruit tree it looks promising for autumn as well:


              Slinningsbua is still standing:

              PS> Not sure if the scaffolding means that there is any activity, or progress,