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    Autumn colours are so beautiful - I noticed today, after two-three days of strong wind and rain, that almost all leaves have fallen from the trees in my neighbourhood.

    Snow is expected tomorrow night as well..... BRRRR

    I bet Singapore would be much more suited to me right now.
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      Have a look around Aalesund in beautiful autumn weather:
      (Not today though)


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        Nice automn views from Aalesund.My duke Rollon is still steady on his legs!

      Aalesund looking it's best today:


      • pakarang
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        Not too difficult to see why this is called one of Norway's most beautiful cities!

      Don't plan on climbing the steps tp/from Fjellstua for the time being: (Unless you are into extreme sport that is)


        If I haven't said it before I'll repeat it now; the weather in Aalesund is changing, not only by the season but by the day and sometime by the hour.

        The bus depot on a nice morning with fresh snow and -1C:

        That was yesterday.

        This morning; wet, 5-6C with bone breaking conditions:


        • nari
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          After a very hot (37c) few days here in Australia these photos look sooo inviting. Hope the snow is still around in a few weeks when I go back to Bergen for another round voyage on the inimitable Lofoten.

        This morning the ice was still there and what had become water yesterday had frozen during the night, just adding to the bone breaker conditions:


          It is that time of the year again and time to remember the big fire in Aalesund in 1904:

          Here is an interactive description of what and how it happened:

          (Sorry, not translatable by G.T.)