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    This spring I took a picture of an apple tree in the middle of town in full floweringØ

    Here it is now, with the apples nearly ripe and ready:

    Somebody had already picked the low hanging fruits and broken off branches to get the not so easy to reach apples as well.


      White sails on Borgundfjorden:


        Spotted this contraption on Aspovaagen during our"Indian Summer" (24. Sept.2017):

        Looks like they are enjoying their outing on a slow mowing raft:

        Reminds me of my childhood days when we would bang together rafts from just about anything that would float and paddle around on the same Aspovaagen.
        (Minus the life vests and outboard motor of course. A couple of home made paddle oars would do)


          Indian Summer in Aalesund the last week or so:

          But clear signs that autumn is here:


            This years seagull chicks have grown up and taken their rightful place:

            Still not fully plumed as grown ups yet though.

            Hopefully the approaching boat will bring lunch:

            If not there is always some generous tourists at Skateflukaia:


              Oldboys rowers are taking advantage of the nice weather to get in some training before the season ends:

              As do some Kayakers:

              Why they stop for a chitchat I don't know. (It would have been more comfortable to visit a Coffeeshop for that)


                With the Cruise ships gone the ISPS gates are open and the hobby fishermen take advantage of the opportunity to reach deep water:

                While others have got their fill and need a rest:

                Why do they stand on one foot anyhow??

                Some flowers are still blooming, so there are still hope:



                  Things are changing quickly at this time of the year, not least the weather.
                  View towards Sula after a nice day on 4th Oct. 2017:

                  On 5th Oct. heavy rain showers drifted in from the west:

                  This morning 7th Oct. the first dusting of snow could be seen at the very highest top of Sula:

                  But when we got the next glimpse of Sule a couple of hours later it was gone with the rain:

                  The rule of thumb is; when the snow shows on Sula it is really autumn, but it is not really winter before the snow hit Sukkertoppen.
                  (OK, my newly invented rule, anyhow.)


                    Its not entirely winter yet:

                    But we are getting there:


                      987-1 is so beautiful and tranquil - truly serene place!
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                        Steinvaagsbroa that connect Hessa with Aspoya, the town center in Aalesund and by extension, the WORLD, will be renovated to ensure that this beautiful bridge will still be there for the next generation and beyond:

                        This is of course part of my earliest memories. The opening of the bridge in 1953 was a milestone and a total change of "life style" in my young and tender days.

                        There is long article on today, but unfortunately behind the pay wall.


                          Another architectonic masterpiece is Ronnebergbua in the centre of Aalesund, built 1907 and still as good looking as ever.
                          The company that owned it originally, Ronneberg & Sons was already 62 years old when this was built:

                          I don't know what this decoration is supposed to symbolize, but it looks more like something from Easter Island, or Peru:

                          Any Aalesund expert here that can enlighten me/us??


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                            I don't remember this building.Next time I am in Aalesund,perhaps next February, I'll try to find it.

                          Maybe you remember it when you see it from this angle?:


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                            Absolutely.Now I remember it well.Thank you Ombugge.

                          Some more autumn pictures from Aalesund.
                          Clouds rolling over the mountains:

                          Stormy weather:

                          View from Borgundgavelen towards town at Sukkertoppen:

                          And towards Sunnmoresalpene:

                          Borgund Church surrounded by trees in autumn shroud:

                          The snow has washed away on the Romsdal mountains:


                            I have never really noticed this boulder at Sunnmore Museum before, but it caught my eyes a few days ago:

                            A closer look:

                            Has it been there since the last ice age, or is it a newer "exhibition"??

                            More from Sunnmore Museum. A tree in full autumn colours:

                            The entrance road from Borgundveien:

                            After a storm last night some trees have lost most of their leaves.
                            Here is the view from our bedroom window this morning:

                            But some have stood up quite good:

                            Even the ferns are loosing their summer colour: