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    There are a lot of activity on the water around town, incl. by very small boats:

    And with very young kids operating them:

    I notice one thing though; they all wear lifejackets, something we never even thought of when I was young and played around with home made rafts or whatever could float.

    But not only human activity. Lots of birds are getting their first swimming lessons these days:


      Not much snow left on the mountains around town these days. This is from almost a month ago:


        More near black & white pictures from today:

        And with a near black & white seagull as well:


          If you have a small house you need to have a small car to match:

          Or maybe v.v.??


            Then the mountains are bare, at least as seen from downtown Aalesund (Rutebil Sentralen):


              Another walk in parts of Aalesund seldom seen. Here is from Bergveien:

              A well restored hose at the corner of Bergveien and Vannspringdalen:

              Vannspringdalen is an alternative route to Aksla:

              Those with sharp eyes can see the stairs going up to "Dammane" on top of Aksla.

              It is high season for some of the largest blooms during August:

              Nice colour?


                Another spot not much visited is this nice lookout point in the City Park:

                It is a small hill situated next to the beginning of the steps up to Fjellstua and the beginning of Brorgerne's vei, which goes all the way along the north side of Aksla.

                On top of the hill is this memorial dedicated to Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany, in thanks for his assistance after the big fire in 1904:

                Looking up to a familiar sight on top of the steps:


                  This nice old villa is situated in Einarvika:


                    Summer is paying a brief visit to Aalesund:

                    But for how long, with those clouds rolling in:


                      This statue at Raadhuset Plaza in Aalesund has got some devoted followers that place flowers on it:


                        It is autumn in Aalesund as of yesterday:


                          Even as seen from town:


                            Lovely photos Ombugge at the turn of the season.


                              There are now TWO stretched limousines offering party tours in Aalesund. Seen here parked near Molo Micro brewery and Pub at Stornespiren:

                              (The two entertainers sitting there in their bowler hats)

                              Apparently somebody must have become jealous and complained:


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                                Beside the legal aspects: I would prefer the pink one, even i don't like the color. The white one must have a catastrophic suspension with these wheels.

                              Another view of Aalesund from Slinningsodde. This time with more daylight:

                              A "closer" look at Nørvøya: