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  • It's official, Slinningsbaalet 2016 was the tallest in the world:

    Isn't that something???? We are best at collecting pallets and burning them up. Here is the happy winners:

    The word has spread far and wide:

    See it all here:

    PS> I still remember the days when Hessabaalet was the biggest and we beat Slinningsbaalet hands down with over 300 honestly stolen wooden barrels and a couple of hundred wooden boxes going up in smoke. (No pallets) Those were the days!!!

    PPS> A book about "my days" of "Baal" in Aalesund will be on the market soon:
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    • Bankskoyta Storeggen MAY have to change name:


    • First snow of the year in Aalesund:

      OK, not much to write home about, but it is the first little dusting in the garden this winter.
      More is likely to come the nearest few days.
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      • We finally got some snow:

        This bus looks a bit frozen:

        More so this evening:

        It was not alone:


        • The winter was short and not so sweet. Within a couple of days the wind direction changed and the wet and stormy weather returned, with temperature above what you see in Madrid, Paris or in London:

          Today it has been blowing a hauling gale and rained horizontally all day.
          Not much of a view:

          But the garden looks like it is time for the snowbells to show:


          • nari
            nari commented
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            One of the predictions concerning global warming is warmer and wetter conditions in the Southern Hemisphere - and it looks to be going that way in the Northern Hemisphere, already.

          • Ralf__
            Ralf__ commented
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            I don't think that such a waether is a sign of global warming. In South of Germany we actually have minus 10 and more degrees during the nights and that is going for a whole week now and will not end during the next five days. But generally spoken global warming is happening, no doubt. But it is not responsible for daily weather phenominas. We can see it on the average temperatur during a whole year.

          • ombugge
            ombugge commented
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            Yes the famous 1.5-2.0C increase is in the average annual temperature of the entire world in a full year, but when Northern Norway have temperatures above 0C for days and weeks, even as far north as at North cape, it does tell you where the effect of global warming is felt the most.

            In Aandalsnes a temperature of 15.8C was recorded a few days ago. In Tafjord it was about the same and in Aalesund 13.5C in the middle of night. This was caused by the Foehn effect, though, not global warming:

        • Annual warming in the Arctic and Sub-Arctic is way ahead of the world average and large changes are already noticeable:

          Warm and wet days in the winter is nothing new in Aalesund, nor is cold and wet days in summer, but the regularity of such days are the issue.
          Cold nights and heavy snow further south may not be seen as a sign of global warming, but it is actually a consequence of the same phenomena as the warm Arctic.


          • I am currently reading Letters from High Altitudes by Lord Dufferin who went to Iceland, Spitsbergen and Jan Mayen in 1846. He expresses great surprise that the temperature in Iceland hovered around 71 degrees each day and he wore only shirt sleeves. He expresses surprise at the lack of snow at Thingvellir and other areas, when normally one expects snow early in the year.
            It has been determined that the Medieval Warm period from 1100 to 700 AD was much warmer than previously thought.
            Currently, we are much cooler than at any time during that period.
            But how will comparisons stand up to scrutiny in the long term? And the fact that there would not have been hordes of polluters at that time....? Hence some ideas for thought...and likely an uncertain conclusion.


            • nari
              nari commented
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              I would like to add that these conclusions above arise from intense study of Antarctic ice cores in the recent past.

          • Originally posted by ombugge View Post
            PPS> A book about "my days" of "Baal" in Aalesund will be on the market soon:
            Just seen your post. WOW!

            "To thine own self be true.......
            Thou canst not then be false to any man."


            • yvneac
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              I didn't read it either.WOW too.

          • Thanks for reminding me Ivy and Vyes. I went out to buy the book today. Will revert with comments when read. Lot of pictures, but mostly a bit after my time as a "baalsamler", with all that entailed at that time. (All honest I assure you)


            • It is 103 years since the "Aalesund Fire" and that is marked with the traditional "Byvandring" following the route of the fire back in 1904.
              If you want to participate, here is your virtual possibility:

              More about the way this is marked today:


              • Nice winter weather but cold these last few days.
                No snow at low levels and very little even on the mountains:

                Some pix from town today:

                Note the plane racing to get to the US before Trump gets his will. (There are actually two in the picture)


                • Can't remember if this house have been featured here before:

                  Build from rough hewn planks


                  • Preparations for this year's Slinnigsbaal has already started. But no new World Record is planned:

                    The first pallets are ready for collection here in Singapore:


                    • Oistein
                      Oistein commented
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                      Need sponsors in Singapore to fund the shipping costs.