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    Thank you for posting Ombugge. It's really interesting to see all the different types of boats around the town, as well as the town itself.
    Have you acclimatized yourself yet after the move?


    • ombugge
      ombugge commented
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      No, that is going to take years. I was told by an Welshmen that moved back there after many years in S.E.Asia that it takes three winters before it kicks in for real. The darkness is probably going to be the worst for me.

      Meanwhile I have the same problems as all other "refugees" (I'm an "Oil crises Refugee"), or even migrants from other western countries;
      To figure out how things work or are done here, which is very different from what I'm used to in many cases. I'm getting there, slowly.

      Now I'm trying to find something to do here. I have revived a company I registered here in the 1980s, but it is going to take some time to build up a contact network. Anybody have some tips?

    • pakarang
      pakarang commented
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      I do really understand what you are saying. Moving back to Norway after nearly 2 decades in SE Asia was probably the hardest thing I have ever done. Now, soon another decade later, I'm finally settling in I presume, but not a day goes by without thinking about my home on the other side of the world.

    • yvneac
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      Ombugge,your life is a novel.Write it.
      I know,I know,it's none of my business...

    She is afloat. Perfect lift in perfect Aalesund weather:


    • nari
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      I have watched work being done on this vessel during my four visits to Aalesund last October. She is quite stunning and may she sail for decades.

    Drove aboard the 6 AM ferry in Molde to visit Ålesund Tuesday to finally get to watch BRITANNIA with my own eyes after the disappoyntment in Åndalsnes last summer, when she diverted to Olden. Anyway, I did not get to take her pictures as she turned around outside Slinningsodden to go stern in to dock, as she was an hour early. Nontheless, she is an impressive ship, 330 meters long, 44 meters wide.

    I was not the only one out with a camera yesterday

    Hotel Brosundet (left) and the yellow Clarion Collection Hotel Bryggen in Ålesundet

    And as Ombugge wrote, the bankskøyta is finally afloat ( )



    • Tommi
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      Nice little ship, the Bankskøyta.

    • Sterkoder
      Sterkoder commented
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      She certainly is. Wait until the two masts and her sails are mounted ;-)

    There are competition for priority on the steps up to Fjellstua:
    With two large Cruise ship in town tomorrow I think the deer do best staying away from the steps.


    • yvneac
      yvneac commented
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      In this year of Norman commemorations (1066-2016) maybe this deer wanted to see Rollon statue.

    The Aalesund icon Slinningsbua is 100 years old this year. (Or there about. The actual month of completion is not entirely clear)
    ​It may be an eyesore to some as the visual condition is far from what it was in my young days, when it was a hive of activity near all year around.
    But few buildings in Aalesund are more immediately recognizable and probably more photographed.

    Here are some pictures taken today:

    She was standing there proudly when the MSC Splendida sailed past a few days ago:

    As she did when Costa Pacifica sailed today:


      Bankskoyta in Aalesund has been featured several places on CVF, but I will continue with posting here in the Aalesund thread.

      Here she is a few days ago:

      An unusual angle of view:


        The masts and rigging being prepared:

        Main mast:

        The "lifeboat":

        Here she is, with standing rig in place and motoring off to somewhere for completion:

        ​I don't know where, but intend to find out.


          I found her:

          ​She has got to Fiskerimuseet (The Fisheries Museum) where she will apparently be permanently moored. When not out sailing that is.


            What a nice place for a nice ship. This is perfect for back in time photography.
            Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


              The tighly held secret of the name for Bankskoyta has been revealed and sealed in Cod liver oil:

              For those who don't know what Storegga is, here is a link:

              The Storegga slide affected more than just the Norwegian coast:


                A replica of a traditional Nordlandsbaat (Aattring) visited Aalesund for crew change on her way from Stromstad in Sweden to Murmansk in Russia.
                The first leg, from Stromstad to Bergen was done last year. This year they hope to get as far as Bodo, or even beyond.
                Here she is in good company:

                Heading along Aspoyvaagen towards Steinvaagsundet:

                Seen again at the guest marine in the inner harbour:

                Next day they obviously want to make their opinion felt:


                  But there are more replicas of old style boats back in the water and ready to show off this summer.
                  Here is one. Borgundknarren:

                  Seen returning from a trip:

                  Heading back it it's regular place at Sunnmore Museum:


                    Another one heading in the same direction, but this time the real thing, not a replica:

                    Seen here in an earlier photo at it's normal place:


                      Here is a well known veteran, the M/V Helland as she looked earlier this year:

                      And from the same position a couple of weeks ago:

                      She has got the mast back on, but some of the rigging is still outstanding.

                      Most of the painting and oiling has been done though:

                      But the deck will have to wait for next year:

                      The crwe cabin was open, but I'm too old for that climb:


                        We cannot forget Brannsprotya:

                        She is still there showing off every time a first visitor to Aalesund is leaving: