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    The 0.5 Km. walk up to Rundskue is quite steep in places, but of good gravel track, with benches to rest on for those who needs it.
    The tower at the highest point is not much visited these days, as most people just goes on to Fjellstua for the obligatory picture of Aalesund from there:

    Maybe with a panorama thrown in:

    Those who ventures of the tarmac is reworded by a spectacular view from this tower:

    A gift from Norwegian Emigrants to Seattle and Vancouver for the 100th anniversary for Aalesund as a City, in 1948:

    At the upper platform is a "bearing ring" which give the name of islands and mountains seen from here:


      What do you get to seen when you get there? This is what:


        The view of Sunnmorsalpene in more details: (Abt. from E to SSW)

        There is an obvious problem; the trees are growing too fast.


          On the panoramas you can see the islands of Godoya, Giske, Valderoy, Vigra and "Nordoyane" to the west and north, but I didn't get any clear detailed pictures of those.

          What I did get was a picture of Erkna Fyr seen througe Signaldalen at Valderoya:

          A Hurtigruten heading for Lepsoyrevet and Molde:

          More of Hurtigruten in the appropriate thread


            During a hurricane this winter a lot of trees on Aksla broke. Some artistic types used this as an opportunity to create wood carvings from the stumps.
            These are from the area near Rundskue:

            I don't know why this sign, saying "Town Centre" is pointing East, while any idiot can see it is right below:


              Another day with beautiful spring sunshine, but still cold, we went for a walk at Sunnmore Museum.
              There is a new boat since our last visit. Still not on official display:

              I know nothing about the origin of this one.

              View from the top end of the Museum grounds. (Actually into Borgund Graveyard):

              From the other side of the Museum grounds, looking across to Norwegian Maritime Competence Centre and NTNU:


                Looking down from the hill onto boats at the marina belonging to Sunnmore Museum:

                "Borgund Knarren" has been overhauled and is riding light:

                Here is why it is floating so light. All ballast stones hae been removed:

                As has other equipment, like the rudder:

                The mast and yard arm:

                Not entirely sure of the function of these two items:

                But Tommi may know??

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                These two rowing boats are also getting attention:

                The name "Molja" indicate some relations to Aalesund inner harbour:

                Could this be "Floettbaater"?? Used to carry people across from Brunholmen to Skansekaia in my youth.
                (There were also a "Floettman" service across Steinvaagssundet, before the bridge was constructed in 1952/53)


                  Now to a more familiar boat, the Shetlands skoyte "Helland". Still without the main mast and also receiving attention:

                  The mast was laying on the pier:

                  As was the boom:

                  Several other old boats are kept afloat at the museum:


                    Aalesund is not just an outdoor museum, although so claim it looks like. Things are happening in this town and today the new parking facility inside Aksla opened for business.
                    To report on such a major event, who else do you turn to than "Kjellen" for a reliable result:


                      If I remember right I have posted a picture of this old stone house before. At the time it was a ruin, with little hope of ever becoming anything else.
                      I used to visit here a lot as a kid, since it was close to our Summer house. One of the sons in the house was about the same age as me.

                      Passing by there a few days ago I noticed that there appeared to be some activity going on:

                      Had to stop and have a closer look:

                      Somebody must be a rich optimist to start restoring this one.


                        A bit outside the tourist area. Here is a picture from Breivika Industrial Park in Aalesund:

                        Notice the large "sore" on the mountainside in Olsvika. The main source of stones, gravel and sand, with plans to keep on production going for years to come.

                        Seagulls are congregating in large flocks and making a lot of noise at this time of the years:

                        I don't know what scared them, or attracted them.


                          The classical pictures of Brosundet:

                          A not so frequently seen picture of Hellebroa:

                          The best Fish n' Chips in town is offered at a kiosk by Hellebroa:

                          Not many pleasure crafts at the Guest Marina in Brosundet:

                          The rental kayaks are waiting for summer and the tourist crowd:

                          So are the tulips at the City Hall Plaza:

                          OK, just a bit of warm weather would do.They don't care one bit about the tourists.

                          Trying to sell newspapers to a flag waiving Troll is not easy:

                          ​I know, I tried to sell newspapers to ANYBODY on this street in my VERY young age.


                            As reported earlier a traditional fishing boat from the late 1800s/early 1900s has been under construction in Aalesund the last couple of years.
                            It is now getting ready to be launched:
                            I noticed the activity around her and just had to know what was going on.
                            As seen from across Brosundet yesterday:

                            Counter weight for the crane being lifted into place:

                            All painted and ready for launch:

                            She should be sailing sometime early this summer, or at least that is the plan. (Watch this page)


                              Thank you very much Sir ombugge for sharing those images. Seeing these latest images of the vessel prior to her launch, it's not hard to see that she is a magnificent looking vessel. May she sail in safety on all seas and in all fjords!
                              With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

                              Administrator and Owner of CaptainsVoyage.
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