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    Here is another building in the area that has a long and changing history.
    It used to house More Folkehoyskole for many years, but is now occupied by Aalesund Musikkskole:

    The tin roof kind of kill an otherwise nice old building.


      This is the former Borgund Sparebank building:

      Very nice architecture, which is basically unchanged since new. No longer housing any bank though.


        The center of higher learning in Aalesund is concentrated in the same area, with Aalesund Hoykole and Norwegian Maritime Competence Center side by side:

        This represent the the nerve center of the Maritime Cluster in the region and contains the ultimate of simulation technology for the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry.

        Here is a link to NMK:

        And to Aalesund University College:

        A closer look at the nearly new NMK building:

        The main entrance:

        And a list of who is in there:

        The Simulators housed here is supposedly the most sophisticated in the Maritime word, with people from all over being sent here by their employers to train on DP operations, shiphandling, anchor handling and ust about anything else involved with Marine Operations.


          Final pictures from this walk-about; the old Chappel at Nedre Gravlund:

          Maybe not the most impressive of buildings, but worth a few pictures anyhow.


            Originally posted by ombugge View Post
            Maybe you should take a few days to explore the lesser known places in town and the surroundings on your next visit.
            I have every intention of doing exactly that, and local buses are indeed the way to go. Actually I had such intentions last time I was considering a stop-over along the southern part of Hurtigruten's route, but ended up stopping-over in Kristiansund!!!!!!


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              Well, a trip up Vannspringdalen to get to Fjellstua as a warmup and off to Sunnmore Museum for a stroll should be enough for one day.
              Boat trips to Runde, Ona and into Hjorundfjorden is another three days. How long will you be??

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              No exact “next time” plans yet ombugge, but those are all great ideas for when I do.

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              I had intended to add something about the other photos on this walk of yours too, because I particularly enjoyed seeing the various buildings big and small that you saw along the way, and, just as I would have done, paused to take a photo. This is without a doubt the kind of pleasurable activity that can distract me from getting around to visiting the places featuring in excursions and tourist info

              Also very interesting to see the various academic establishments, and in particular I had no idea of the extent of the facilities at NCCM.

            Thank you again Ombugge for taking for a sight-seeing around Ålesund.


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              You are welcome.

            02. Jan. 2014: Today's weather in Aalesund was still reasonably good in the morning, dry and not too windy:

            Deteriorated later, with more wind, but the temperature hovered between 8-10 C. Not much of a winter.
            No walkabout today.
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              03. Jan. 2014: We are in the shadow of the mountain when the storms and heavy rain hits Norway from the South East, which means quite nice weather in Aalesund, with the temperature staying relatively warm. (7 - 10 C)
              At times the Fhoen effect: cause the temperature to raise many degrees above normal, especially in the bottom of the fjords, like Geiranger and Tafjord etc.

              As many will be aware of I'm very much conscious and impressed by the changing light conditions at this time of the year. Many years of living and working in other parts of the world may be the cause of this. With the danger of boring someone with something that is normal, and therefore uninteresting to them, I'll post pictures of the light changes seen today and from several venues.

              Starting withe view from the veranda at 1014 hrs. this morning:

              At 1119 hrs.:

              At 1206 hrs.:

              Time to get out for a walkabout in town.


                Very high tide had been forecasted for this time:

                But not high enough to be a problem due to lack of storm surge

                ​But this is about changing light. Here is a look towards the mountains in the South East at 1315 hrs.:

                Looking North West at 1338 hrs.:

                North East at the same time:


                  Change of venue. This is from Borgundgavelen (Near Sunnmore Museum) at 1435 hrs.:

                  Another change of venue. This is from Hatlane at 1443 hrs.:

                  Turning more to the South East the colours are gone:


                    Down by the beach at 1458 hrs. and the familiar Sula mountain in focus:

                    View to the West, with Hessafjorden. Runde in the far distance:

                    As we reached home at 1517 hrs. the light had changed again and the sun had gone below the horizon:

                    "The blue hour", as seen from the veranda at 1618 hrs.:

                    End of the daylight for this day, but not the end of the report from today's walkabout in Aalesund.


                      A walkabout in Aalesund today.
                      The City hall in it's new edition:

                      The "normal" view of Aalesund looks like it is in B/W:

                      The new Milk bar has a bit of freeboard, even at high tide:

                      Space for abt. 50 Cm of storm surge.

                      This is another Statue (or actually just a bust) of one well known War hero from Aalesund:

                      She is known as "Malta Margit" due to here presents on board the Talabot in one of the Malta Convoys during WWII:


                        Another classical Aalesund view:

                        Maybe not so classical, but at least the view of the HSC Terminal is becoming so:

                        This statue is of a Seafarer on the dog watch:

                        A statue in honour of the Seagulls:


                          This is obviously a stone that somebody have "modified":

                          Somebody has apparently put up a Satellite disk on stilts in the middle of town:

                          They obviously didn't read the instruct manual, since Communication satellites are geo-stationary and over Equator.


                            Fresh Fish and boiled Crayfish on sale at the wharf:

                            Noticed the dog running around on the wharf???
                            It belongs to one of the boats and is equipped with a life preserver and a handle, just in case.