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  • Weekend Getaway

    It has been very hot lately. Several years ago we got rid of the pool and my wife was really missing the pool. I had spent all Friday out in the heat and was in a very bad mood. Saturday I got up early to mow the lawn and was soaking wet by the time I finished. My wife said get cleaned-up and pack a bag. We drove about an hour away and checked into a hotel with a nice pool. It's largely a business conference center and golf resort. Being the weekend there was no business and with the heat there were very few golfers so they had inexpensive room rates.

    This was the view from room 1108 at Grandview Resort. The first and tenth fairways were straight out our window and the driving range was a bit to the left.

    I walked down near the driving range to look back at our room.

    Early this morning I got up and walked around the grounds to take some pictures and explore the gardens. I got back to the room at 9am and every bit of clothing was soaking wet from sweat. There is nothing like summer in the southern USA. Hot and humid. You sweat and it does not evaporate. You walk around feeling like a baby with a wet diaper.

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    Re: Weekend Getaway

    Totally perfect description of summer in the Southern US....we, in a way, are a bit used to it, unlike the "wussies" up North who are complaining about a few days of +100f heat....... lol

    I figured up in the mountains, y'all would be a wee bit cooler than us here "below the gnat line".......


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      Dane! Smart thinking taking advantage of the proximity of the hotel and favourable room rates and all….and the pool especially!….and what a fabulous hotel room view is that!


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        Re: Weekend Getaway

        I love that last picture, Dane. After reading your thread and feeling hotter every moment (it's drizzling here, I've put the heating back on and am wearing a warm skirt and woollen cardi over my tee-shirt - JULY!!!!) I came to the final shot and the nearness of that water was bliss!

        "To thine own self be true.......
        Thou canst not then be false to any man."


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          Re: Weekend Getaway

          Unfortunately I am in the Piedmont section of NC at about 450ft. (137m) elevation. I had checked the weather forecast for a few places in the mountains but even they were to be in the high 80's (30c+) so it did not seem worth the drive. So, a little shopping in the city in the morning and a cool pool in the afternoon won out.