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    Hotel Icon, Hong Kong

    Hotel Icon, apparently a hotel for hospitality training, was a wonderful experience. Our room was bigger than I expected but the space was welcomed after spending 10 days in a tiny cruise ship cabin.

    The half bath just off the entry into the room. OMG it had a door like a bank vault. You had to put your back into it to open or close the door. Oh, and the toilet water was blue. I did not taste it for flavor.

    The living room and office area. The drawers behind my wife are refrigerators and came stocked with with all sorts of beverages and snacks so that was nice.

    I feel especially fancy since my American potato chips are "export".

    The bedroom was quite nice with plenty of room and the bed was very comfortable.

    The master bath was also very nice. I'm not a fan of the glass walls but it's hard to escape the opulence. The tub seemed to be sized more for two than one. The shower though was something truly incredible. Water pressure strong enough to strip paint. Every shower felt like a Thai massage and I don't even want to think about how much water it consumed.


      The view was quite nice. Not as much boat traffic as I would like though it was fun to see the old Radisson Diamond cruise ship come and go from it's mooring.

      Now for the elephant in the room. There were 45 light switches!!!! Not simple flip on / flip off light switches. There were nine panels with five touch pad light switches. Really cool... until you try to use them. Get up early and want to go into the next room without waking your wife. The switches are not illuminated and it you hit #4 on the keypad instead of #3 you turn on the lights in the bedroom instead of the living room. Then there was the bedtime problem that one button by the bed would turn on all the lights in the room but no button would turn them all off. You had to get up and walk across the room to the "other" panel to turn off that last light. And then there was the maintenance issue. There was one light we could never turn off. The concierge came down and confirmed that we were not crazy and maintenance promptly arrived to do some programming... just to turn off a light. An amazingly complex machine that goes "bing". (a Monty Python reference)


        The bar on the club level while small was one of the best I have ever experienced. The Manhattans were exquisite and the bartender's technique was spot on. Vigorous shaking over the right shoulder with a smile. I intended to have only one but the drink was so phenomenal that I had to have two before heading out for dinner.

        Then it was off to dinner. My wife had something in mind to try, clay pot chicken, and she had read online of some some good street market stalls to try. To make sure we had the address right Kelly asked the concierge to confirm the address. The concierge got a cute smile on her face and said "we don't recommend that our guests go there... but it's one of my favorite places...". So, we like to stay in a nice hotel and eat $2 street food.


          Terrific hotel report Pilotdane!

          The one time I really loved glass walls in a loo was in Paresa Resort in Phuket,Thailand, with a cliff-top view of the Andaman Sea!
          I chuckled and greatly appreciated your comments on light switches! Every time I stay at the Hilton at Heathrow Terminal 4, I find I have forgotten the sequence that switches off that last pesky light! It's in connection with the mini-bar. Its fridge is something I avoid anyway, from the time when, quite a number of years ago now, they introduced detectors that supposedly could tell what you'd taken and automatically charge the item(s) to your room bill. Actually I only wanted to put the complimentary bottled water INTO the fridge to keep it cool. There was also the issue of some interaction of lights and power points that could lead you into thinking you'd been charging something when you hadn't. Well, most of the rooms and fridges have been refurbished now, but the current mini-bar has what I can only describe as a bright trendily-lit display cabinet top with items like packets of biscuits, crisps etc. That always seems to be the last light that I struggle to extinguish!


            Excellent tip, pilotdane, and to be honest - the timing of this report is absolutely PERFECT.

            I might be heading to Hong Kong some time next week, or the following week.... and this might be a hotel to keep in mind. I have made a note on my phone already!
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              So nice! Kind of get inspired to go there.


                Yea, it was a lot of fun. You could tell we were not the usual customer. They were accustomed to calling a car to take someone to the usual tourist/fancy places and we kept hitting them with odd stuff. They would always respond with "we normally don't recommend that our guests..." but then they would tell us about this great place that they like... and they were right. It wasn't the clean tourist place but it was a really good market, great view or incredible food.

                Oh, in our room everything was included/gratis/complimentary. There were no sensors and no charges for anything taken from the minibar. That's the only reason I had the nerve to go for the special "export" quality potato chips.