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    Can I interest you in a Japanese meal, know as Shabu-Shabu???
    Since it was the eve before Vesak Day (today) no beef, only pork and vegetables this time:

    It all goes in here:

    Then it is only to take one piece of the meat with your chop sticks and "shabu-shabu" it back and forward in the broth for a few seconds, until it is cooked.

    Simple and good.

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    I tried to cook japonese sushi


    • Seagull
      Seagull commented
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      ...not only tried but succeeded! Looks yummy!

    • PoloUK
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      Gosh but that looks good. Absolutely love Japanese food.

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    Sushi is not an easy thing to make (me thinks) but it appears as if you actually managed quite well...

    BTW, I love Shabu Shabu in Thailand - and I sure will visit one next week!
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      So I wish you a very nice trip in Thailand,J-O