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Balestier Market Food Court, Singapore

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    Balestier Market Food Court, Singapore

    We found another interesting place for you to visit when you are in Singapore and hungry.

    It is a Food Court set up in 2008 in the refurbished Balestier Market in Balestier Road (Named after the first American Consul to Singapore)
    The idea was to have a place where all the hawkers and most of the workers were handicapped in some way, trained in food handling and running of a small business. It was quite busy in the beginning, but people lost interest and many of the stalls closed after a while:

    It has now only a few stalls operating, but one is a very large one, selling cooked food and "Steamboat" at very reasonable price.
    All you can eat of cooked food at S$10.- per person, with an additional S$ 9,- if you add on the steamboat. Here is a few pictures of the offerings.

    First the cooked food section:

    Re: Balestier Market Food Court, Singapore

    Than the ingredients for "Steamboat":

    A bit closer look at the various sections.
    The Seafood section:

    With some very small and tasty "Baby Squids":


      Re: Balestier Market Food Court, Singapore

      The Meat section:

      There is also some mushrooms and Quail eggs thrown in here.

      Various processed food:

      Incl. sausages, fish balls, crabb sticks etc.

      The vegetable section:


        Re: Balestier Market Food Court, Singapore

        The "steamboat" pot was very basic, with a tray around if you wish to fry the food rather than cooking it in the soup. (Known as BBQ Steamboat)
        Here is the "ruins" after our meal:

        For those with a sweet tooth, there is also a dessert counter:

        With ingredients to make your own "Ice Kachang". (Shaved ice with toppings and attap palm seed):


          Re: Balestier Market Food Court, Singapore

          Also new; within Balestier Market is also a Pub with very reasonable prices:

          Prices are for large bottles (630 ml) unless otherwise stated. (Used to be known in Norwegian as "murerpils")

          It has all the normal things, like TV screes showing Sports channels:

          And a couple of Billiard tables:

          We just got a large bottle of Guinness to share:


            Re: Balestier Market Food Court, Singapore

            A nice place.... with a lot of tasty food!

            Wish we had some places around here, with that kind of selection and price-level.
            With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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