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    Fusion Food

    Fusion Food is all the rage these days, but not very specific.

    What is most commonly given the name Fusion Food is Eastern inspired versions of western food, but the other way around is also possible:

    To start this off, here is our dinner last night; Whale meat cooked in a typical Asia style. I did the marinating and my wife added the condiments and did the cooking.

    Here it is; Fresh whale meat ready marinated with Lime juice, ABC Sambal Asli (Chilli Padi & Garlic) and Maggi Sauce:

    The dish still in the wok, with added fresh ginger, mushrooms and spring onions. Some white wine in the sauce:

    Delicious and consumed without the slightest pang of guilt, or any feeling of regret for eating meat from an animal that a lot of people think should not be hunted and killed.

    Actually looks delicious!

    I tasted both whale (Vågehval) in sausage form and as a beef in town today, during the annual city-fair in downtown Trondheim. Delicious, even though the sausage (spekepølse) tasted nothing different than any other sausage (40% whale meat). 100 grams of that whale-meat sausage contained some whopping 870 calories, so I did NOT buy it!
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