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    Singapore Food

    Singapore is known as a food heaven, with foods from all over the world being available, but did you know that Singapore has nearly 50,000 places to eat??
    If you eat 3 meals a day, at different eateries every meal, it will take you 45 years to visit all.

    By then most will have changed anyway. Here is a guide to new eateries that is "hot" right now:
    Bon Appetite!!!

    The CNY season is soon upon us and that spells food, food, food and more food.
    Here is some traditional dishes served during the 15 days celebration:*aid-726c3f00/

    But the most popular places to eat in Singapore is the many Hawker Centers and Coffee Shops, serving cheap and (mostly) good food in great variety:

    When you visit Singapore next, try traditional Singapore food at a traditional Hawker Center, away from the maddening tourist crowd. (Replaced by the equally maddening locals)
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    Singapore is known for it's variety of foods and Singaporean as Foodies. Here is a list of Singapore restaurants that reach the top level in Asia:


      If you want to taste authentic Singapore food when you visit next, here is a guide that may be helpful: