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sopitos – sopes – thick tortillas with raised edges

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  • sopitos – sopes – thick tortillas with raised edges

    Sopitos – sopes – thick tortillas with raised edges is one of the best mexican food los angeles which is loved by most of the people living here. As we know that this mexican food has a very easy recipe that can be prepared by any one. In the previous other articles of this recipe you got a rough idea about what all are the required ingredients that are necessary for the preparation of this yummy dish.
    Moreover you have also obtained the instructions in preparaing the topping of this dish too. Now its time to know what are the necessary ingredients as well as the various methods that are involved in preparing the sauce of this dish. Here, in the preparation of the sauce, the first step is to take a blender of a food processor for blending the following ingredients. For the blending process you have to add salt, onions, garlic, cilantro as well as chile too.
    These are the ingredients. Now set them aside. These are the directions that are obtained for preparaing the sauce for this dish. Now you have to prepare for the sopes. For this the chief ingredient for this dish are tortillas. The first step in preparaing this sopes is to heat up a comal or griddle. Add a little lard into the griddle.
    Fry tortillas into the little lard in the griddle. Fry them on both the sides. You should also hear a little more lard too, so that you can fry out the remaining tortillas too in the comal or griddle. After frying the tortillas, keep them hot. Now its time to serve the dish by arranging the tortillas in a platter. Cover it up with sauce and garnish the dish with the following ingredients such as cabbage, cheese as well as with onions too. Thus its time to serve the delicious dish.