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Västerås Aviation museum

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    Västerås Aviation museum

    A free Saturday with a lot of snow, so what to do if not follow my friends to Västerås Aviation museum for a great guided tour around the different airplanes. Almost all of them are in an airworthy status and flyable. The most of them are privately owned. As you might know, I have worked in the airborne business, but I'm at all good regarding different types of airplanes, so my apologies if some facts are a bit incorrect.


    One of the first things to be seen when entering the main hangar, a model.

    There are a lot of stories to be told about the different planes. This is probably Swedens most "illegal plane". It's built from scratch by Henry Nyberg, who has done the complete design without having any kind of education within the aero segment. He also didn't have a pilot license. It's kind of a miracle that the plane has done some thousand flight hours...

    The A-26 was kind of hard to get good pictures of.

    They said that you should be worried if an old airplane stops leaking oil, not if they actually are leaking. I don't have an opinion.

    Gyrocopter MT-03.

    With a probably well known engine.



      A de Havilland Vampire.

      Possibly the same Vampire once again.


      The building itself is a piece of art, built in the 1930's and still mostly original.



        Bücker Bü 181B-1 Bestmann, designed in Germany by a Swede - Anders Johan Andersson. Used mostly as a training aircraft.

        Bell H47G-H-13 Sioux Helicopter.



          Yakovlev YAK-52

          This one is apparently quite new and in very good shape.



            A SAAB 91 Safir.

            Details, leather?

            The plane is designed by the same Anders Johan Andersson who designed the "Bestmann" in Germany.



              Perhaps the prettiest of them all.

              Piper PA-23 Apache.

              Such a classy design.



                Aeronca 7AC Champion, the cutest one?



                  Of unknown type...



                    de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk Mk 22?

                    And behind we find a De Havilland DH 114 Heron, the one of two airworthy in the world.

                    Noorduyn UC-64 Norseman

                    That's a big engine!



                      Piper PA-12 Cruiser

                      Noorduyn AT-16 Harvard

                      Together with some Saab 91 Safirs.

                      In the next installment we leave the propeller planes.

                      And hang around with the jets in the corner.



                        Saab 29 Tunnan. The first Swedish jet. This plane made the swedish airforce to expand rapidly and for a while we had the biggest airforce in the world.


                        A quite uncomfortable ****pit.



                          Saab 32 Lansen.

                          Scheibe SF-26 - that's not a jet-plane...



                            Next we'll have a quick look at the Saab 35 Draken.


                            Details of the Draken nose radar.



                              Probably an exprimental jet engine...